Adonit Jot Pro Stylus (Avoid)

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Don't buy these, they are complete garbage with BM3, huge parts of the UI are just ignored.

Completely intermitent too, sometimes it will work, sometimes it wont.

Will try some mods and see if i can make it more usable.


  • I was a long time adonit fan back in the days before better stylus support. You do have to mod them sometimes, and screen protectors have been among their known enemies. I don't think the stylus is ignoring anything in the interface intentionally, just not making good consistent contact. They're all conductive, and static electricity can mess with their functionality. The tip touches the screen, and delivers conductive electricity from your hand to the screen, and the device can't tell the difference between the jot and your finger. There must be good contact throughout from the plastic disc flat against the screen to the ball joint to your hand. Ipad Pro set me free from these wonky chains and I'll never look back.

  • The better mods I found involved tin foil or thermal paste inside the ball joint.

  • Trust me, it is nothing to do with consistent contact, it works great for touch n slide style operation, but i had to debur the tip for one and you cant play beats on the pads with it, Beatmaker will just stop working, you have to turn the screen off and back on to get it back.

  • The most annoying thing about this thing, it is absolutely immense for entering notes in patterns, but try to click the zoom icon and nothing, such a shame, when it works its amazing.
  • That's so weird! I'm gonna see if I have any of my old adonit jots to test with. Haven't you had other general problems with tap controls in BM3 with your finger? Like taking more than one tap, or something? If it's not the interface being finicky, I definitely recall that simple taps with the jot wouldn't always register when drawing or taking notes (for dots, periods). If note entry works great but pads won't trigger, it could still be just not making good enough contact on a tap vs a drag. Although I'm not sure what would be going on that would require you to turn the screen off and back on. The iPad literally doesn't know the difference, unless you've got one of the jot touch pens that send pressure sensing data via bluetooth. Mind humoring me and have a look at these videos that show the trouble with fixes?

    I mean that said, I would usually go back to the smaller rubber tipped stylus when I got fed up with the jot. I find it's easier to know where the center touch point is even when using a fat rubber tipped stylus vs when using my finger.

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    Im done with the Jot pro to be honest, it is horrible in BM3, unless the developers take an interest in it, i will give it to somebody around the house.

    (I will try some of those tricks, but don't hold much hope for them)

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    I need to try and do some tracking down, but i found an old stylus with the rubber tip in the drawer, this thing is off the chain with BM3, its full pen length so you can always see what you are adjusting, it is super accurate and works everytime, and because it is soft rubber tip and not that plastic adonit thing, there is no chance of it scratching the screen.

    I mentioned this thing to a friend and he says there is a thinner tip version available that is just as accurate, I will do more research on this, but i think im homing in on a dirt cheap solution for super accuracy.

  • That's what I'm saying, go with the rubber tip! The narrow rubber tip is the best in my opinion, and they're easy enough to read up and order on Amazon or in a local electronics store

  • Which narrow rubber tip ?
    The main one i have found is the 'Hand stylus' which you can only order direct from their page.

    Are you talking about a rubber tip for the adobit jot pro ?
  • I ordered the B&D for £7 UK including 20 replacement tips, it has fat rubber tip one end, thin rubber tip the other.
  • Looks like you made a good choice! The narrow tips are about 4.5mm to 6mm, and you won't find much in the realm of rubber tipped styluses that are smaller than that and also work well. The "hand stylus" appears to be 4mm, just barely narrower. I consider the 8mm tips to be fat. The other factor with rubber tipped styluses is how durable the rubber is. I used a wacom bamboo capacitive stylus and the tip seemed to wear down and tear with a lot of use. The one you got comes with a lot of tips, so you should be set!

  • Yeah im hoping it pans out better than the jot, its a shame because the build quality of the jot barrel is super slick, a small rubber tip on that would be superb, it feels just right in hand.
  • Amazon refunded the sale, no B&D anywhere in UK, back on the search.

  • aw damn =( well you're on the right track, at least

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    Doesn't look like it, as far as i can tell from an hour or so searching, there are no thin rubber tip stylus available in the uk, they are either 8-12mm or Adonit style discs or 2mm fine point.

    Seems a lot of smaller American product is no longer being shipped to the uk, very weird.

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    This one looks promising, as it's cheap and has 20 replacement tips, and they're 4.5mm and 6mm!

  • They have just reauthorized my original B&D purchase !!!!
    If that supplier messes about again i will grab that metro one.

    Might rab both anyway, I dont want to test then recommend a stylus that is unobtainium.

  • Good call. However, looking at the two offerings, they look identical except for the logo on the tube!

  • Yeah that was my thought too

  • After all that it's complete and utter shite lol, the only one that is really good is a crappy old one from years ago, need to try and track those down again.

  • Can you elaborate? I would think a new rubber tipped stylus would be mostly identical to the old ones.

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    Nope, the thin ones you have to press really really hard until you are near enough completely squashing the tip, and then the movement is not very accurate, the old school dirt cheap thing is like butter in comparison.
    Really annoying haha

    Note these newer thinner tips are of a much thicker tougher type of rubber.

  • Ah ok, well crap! Did you try the 6mm tips that came with the set? When looking into this I realized I had only used 6mm tips at the thinnest, and they worked pretty well. I've still got the wacom bamboo capacitive stylus, 6mm, and it works great.

  • Yeah i used both end, both terrible :(

  • Well that sucks. You think it's mainly an issue of the thicker rubber in the tip requiring more force to make good contact? The rubber in my wacom bamboo isn't very thick, and it makes contact easily. I'm not recommending getting the bamboo, unless you find it super cheap, as it's a bit over priced. Well, the "alpha" looks like an updated version of the one I got, and it's not too pricey.

  • Keeping in mind that i am doing all these tests with a screen cover too, because pretty much everyone has one, i think it is a case of the thiness combined with the screen cover, but then the Adonit is just as bad, and you cant use those without screen cover cause they scratch badly.

    I think im just gonna stick to fat old fashioned soft tips.

  • I am going to update this to a full rundown of my findings soon, I went through a bunch of cheap stylus after this Adonit expensive thing, still couldn't find anything that worked near enough at all through the screen cover (Something you should have, but have to have if you use a stencil, they scratch like a bugger) and then found one that was actually sent to me for free to test by a company on Amazon (they saw how many i was going through haha) that is absolutely phenomenal !!!

  • I have a wacom bamboo solo stylus I bought ages ago for something else, works fine for me.

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    Does it work with a good thick screen protector ?
    Cs100 or 2 or 3 ?

  • CS100 it looks like, got it a fair while ago. Not sure how it would go with a screen protector tbh.

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