Apple Pencil precision editing

Hi, first time poster, loving BM3 so far!

As the title implies, I was wondering if you’re looking into refining the way the pencil works when using BM3? I was hoping that it would be a really useful tool to be able to work with midi data in patterns, but it just seems to scroll the view, not interact with the midi notes.

Additionally, on the main timeline, the pencil is very imprecise when trying to select patterns, and will often select the wrong one. It seems in general that something hasn’t been calibrated right here.

Sorry if this has come up elsewhere on the forum and been answered before, but it’s a little difficult to search on the mobile forum.


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  • I just posted about the same problem except I didn't point out a Apple Pencil issue but that's what I'm experiencing and it's painful. It's the post named "midi edition lake of precision"

  • Just an FYI, the developers do use an Apple Pencil and they know there are a few issues.

    @mathieugarcia said:
    The official pen is not bad for BM3, but there are a few annoying things, but it does work continuously.

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  • I just dont think there has been a huge call for support on the pencil, so they probably havent optimised for it (this is all guesswork here, i have no actual insight) but they are currently pushing towards ios 11 support and some work towards the phone port (both mentioned elsewhere by the developers, again no real insight from me here)

  • I was using the pencil the other day and had the same "wtf, why does finger create notes but pencil doesn't?" moment. I found that note creation does work if you choose the other note drawing tools.

  • So its not just a calibration issue then ?
    Might be an idea to list areas where it is not expected behaviour.

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