Klip By Sample Magic. This has some features I would love to see in BM 3


  • Might be an idea to list the features you would like ;)

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    Only had time to watch a few mins, will check rest of it later. But instantly the UI looks great.

    This is the kind of ui workflow I was trying to suggest as an option when I was feature requesting an 'always on top' animoog style keys option that could be on screen at same time as piano roll/sequencer etc. Taking that idea further you could also have an 'always on top' strip of 16 pads. Or a button to switch between keys/pads. Basically just the fewer times I need to switch page views in BM3, the better. At the moment I'm forced in to switching view super often and it's my main issue with the app.

    Klip looks pretty impressive tho, gonna watch rest of video asap.
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