Midi channels not working as expected ?

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If I have my midi settings set up like this on a bank, why are other MIDI instruments (different instruments AND different channels) playing this bank ?

Similarly, why can't I put a bank on one channel, and a bank on another channel and play them at the same time with different instruments ? (e.g. in my case why can't I play one bank on my keyboard and another on my launchpad even if i have them assigned to different midi channels ?)

Thirdly, why can't I assign multiple devices to the same focus (e.g. I want to map both the pads on my keyboard AND the pads on my launchpad to the first pads or assign transport controls to both devices)


  • Cheers for the info. Seems like a lot of setup work for something that's usually pretty simply done in a desktop DAW by setting devices/channels for individual tracks. Might be a good case for setting up some template files.

    I wonder if midisync would let me get around mapping multiple things into the same virtual output and sending them to BM3 - anyone have experience doing that sort of thing ?

  • Its exactly the same as most desktop DAWs.
    Enable the hardware in preferences (same as other DAWs)
    Set up the MIDI routing per track/bank (same as other DAWs)
  • Indeed, I’m used to having tracks and routing stuff all over the place, having multiple instruments reference the same midi track, etc.

    I actually changed to using studio one on the desktop because it was more like BM2, BM3 is just a different beast. All that said I think there could be a lot more done in the routing area in BM3 to let you reference other banks/pads and in the way midi is set up. The focus actions in particular are fairly primitive but perhaps again that’s just getting used to working on the iPad where things like audiobus, audioshare and other 3rd party solutions are assumed to be in your toolkit.

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    MIDI and audio routing is basic in BM3, there is lots missing for me personally, but what is there does work, and i am not too sure it will get any more advanced, there are a vast amount of users who want BM3 to remain super simple (Not me, but i dont really get a say, thats for Intua to decide)
  • Yeah im definitely in the camp that is fine with more complexity, and I think intua do a pretty good job of making the UI decent.

    I really like the way BM3 does the pad-based thing, it's different, but it's cool being able to have either a full drumkit or a set of the same synth with different mods on different pads to switch on the fly without taking up another 'track'.

    Obviously with routing there's a chunk of work on the back end, but in the UI all it would change for the user is when you select a midi input you'd have things like other banks as options rather than just external instruments etc.

    Thanks for the conversation, we'll see where the future goes.

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