What happened to the sample editing features?

I haven't been using BM3 for awhile cause I've been waiting on updates.

Decided to try the latest update today. I wanted to loop up, trim & chop up some samples...and I'm noticing the editing features are gone? Press the edit button on the main sample page and it just takes me to a screen with a bigger waveform but no sample editing features besides slice mode? Can't even trim a sample? What's going on, why would sample editing be removed?

I can auto-slice a whole sample, but not even the part I have looped up? Seriously? What's the point of this?


  • Nevermind, I had the sample folder open on the sidebar. Close that and the sample editing features come back. LOL SMDH

  • Tbf the interface is complicated and dark. Personally not a fan of the overlapping menu concept but whatevs.
  • I think you need to get used to the UI, it is the current 'Flavour' with UI designers to look like this, Nano studio could be another page in Beatmaker and Cubasis isnt that far away either.

    As for the dark thing, I like dark, I was born deaf and I went blind for a while, so my tastes may be skewed lol
  • Dark is good for the most part because it reduces eye strain. I just wish they'd maybe enlarge or bolden certain aspects of the UI and add some other brightly coloured controls for balance. I've also talked about consolidating the browser into the Bank menu and using the app menu for things like settings and more comprehensive file management (full screen) which to me makes a bit more sense over the cramped and overlapping menu we currently have. Of course I'm not complaining, just putting this out there as an idea and I'll just leave it at that .
  • @LucidMusicInc - i agree with most of that, there are a lot of 'buttons' that fade into the interface because they're just greyish text on a grey background, could definitely add a bit of pale yellow in there to make some of the text pop a little.

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