Patterns and scenes

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In the song arranger pattern editor there is a pattern menu at the bottom right of the screen. It seems to me that this menu is completely redundant. I suggest removing it and improving the pattern window:

The pattern window:
I'm wondering if we could double that window to control scenes, e.g. Create scene -> toggle to pattern -> select or create pattern

This would allow us to make patterns and scenes simultaneously on any screen and we wouldn't have to waste time on the scene page while creating ideas or arranging songs using the pads or the pattern editor


  • One other thing of note, in the scene mode on the pads the options are copy / delete / paste / sync

    Would it not make more sense for the order to be copy / paste / delete / sync?

    I'm thinking that those controls could just be removed completely with the idea suggested above (put those controls into the pattern window)

  • I dont have a menu bottom right in the pattern editor, can you grab a screen shot.

  • There are two pattern menus, one on the top left and one on the bottom left (sorry earlier mistake).

    I'm saying the one on the botom isn't needed and we could put scene features into that pattern window too. :)

  • The one with the three dots ?
    Duration/rename/clear etc ?

  • +1

    I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday while working in song mode...
    I do not understand what the point of the bottom pattern menu is and I agree with @StudioES that it seems redundant.

  • I found another issue:

    1 make 16 blank scenes
    2 in pad mode start arranging your song using the copy paste method, and the pattern window
    3 return to the scene page

    What you'll notice is that the order of the scenes in scene view does not match the way you arrange it in pad view.

    Moreover there is some strange numbering of patterns and scenes generated by the app that isn't helping because it just creates a lot of confusion.

    When you reorder scenes on scene page those changes aren't reflected on the pads

    I would go one step further. Speaking only for myself, I think the scenes page is redundant. For me it's perfectly fine to either arrange in song mode or arrange using scenes with the performance pads.

    If scene functionality was built into the pattern window for the purpose of arranging on the pads and that performance could then get recorded as midi into the song arranger I'm pretty sure a lot of people would be really happy about that. But I get once a feature is built it's almost impossible to remove it.

    Tldr there's an inconsistency between the scenes on scenes page and scenes on pad page
  • @LucidMusicInc said: Moreover there is some strange numbering of patterns and scenes generated by the app that isn't helping because it just creates a lot of confusion.


    [rant on]
    (imho - When I take the time to name / label a pattern, I feel that the original default pattern number label should disappear because it now makes no sense at all -- and there's weird numbers all over my arrangement view that make no sense at all other than to make my brain work harder to filter them out and make sense of it all....)
    [rant off]

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