Sampler: Quantise when recording audio

After recording synched audio from a plugin, I need to go into Edit mode and trim the sample to length. I’d find it helpful to be able to record a fixed number of bars, locked to the sequencer. This would let me use the recording right away. This would also be super helpful when resampling the master output.



  • +1000 all the BM3 resamplers should have the duration options etc found in the 'full' resampler.
  • It shouldnt even need recording to be honest, that is a poor way of doing anything that is completly internal.
    Set up loop and send to pad, done.

    Send to pad should be everywhere in Beatmaker 3 and it is no where.

  • Yeah that sounds super convenient. 'bounce loop to pad' kind of thing right?
    Hopefully @mathieugarcia has something cooking for future :)
  • edited December 2017

    Yeah not to just loops either, pad with plugin and effects chain, send to pad, sampler with synthesised drum hit and effects chain, send to pad etc etc.

    It should be everywhere.

  • re sample to pad would be excelent - the impc pro app does this.

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  • This is the most obvious miss to me in BM3--the resampling workflow is so painful when it could be so easy. 5pin is exactly right.
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