One night only, ask DJ Vibes a couple questions

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Hes staying with me for one night tonght after a gig, if you have a couple questions, post em, ill try to get em answered.

If you dont know you can google or you tube, he is one the seminal rave DJs, youtube up “Dj vibes - Music so wonderful”

Gonna get him to pop a couple patterns together in B3 with the forum kits too.

Have it folks.


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    You mean Shane. Holy shit, I was a massive fan in the 90s. Probably still got a big box full of his Helter Skelter mixes on cassette back in the loft at me folk's house.

    He was never the most polished turntablist (he'd probably agree ;)) but his track selections, and especially his own productions (with Wishdokta) were pure class.

    The Ravers choice tracks are bona fide classics.

    Send him my best wishes - from a floppy-haired spotty north-east London 90s kid who never really grew up (though he did eventually sort his hair and acne out).

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    Here are a few highlights..

  • Legendary !!!

  • Darkness Tonight is a baaad tune!

  • Is he still producing? Would be interested to know his setup/workflow.

  • Yes hes still producing, expect something cool very soon.
    He's very old school in the way he works, he still goes to a studio and lets the tech guy do all the tech stuff.

  • Very cool. Looking forward to hearing more.

    Hey, 5pin. Did you see Gunshot are coming out with new material as well?

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