Brambos adds new Rozeta module 'Scaler'

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It's seems @brambos has been busy (and possibly reading some of the suggestions posted in these forums ;)) as he is about to launch a 10th module for his extremely cool Rozeta suite

This latest module is called 'Scaler' and allows you to adjust midi to constrain to a key signature, and/or transpose the output too

Thanks Bram!!


  • So awesome =D

  • Lol, this will make it possible for less than stellar keyboard players like me to put some enthusiasm into the playing and make it sound somewhat decent without too many off-key notes :D

  • Awesome as usual !!!

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    Let's see..

    Makes cool and useful plugins.. CHECK.
    Reasonable app prices.. CHECK.
    Fixes bugs and makes everything super stable.. CHECK.
    Listens to feedback and answers questions in the community.. CHECK.
    Free add-on features and aftermarket support.. CHECK.

    Could he be the best developer in iOS music?

  • Btw, looks like you can also use this module to force a fixed velocity on all midi notes, which could also come in handy.

  • :) B)

    After loading Rozeta Scaler, you may need to hit play briefly in BM3, otherwise MIDI output timing may be delayed. This won't be necessary anymore after the upcoming BM3 update ;)

  • The update is live.

    Includes a few other enhancements too regarding better UI scaling

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