OT - Mobile 808 Kick drum for sampling

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Just a heads up, I think he has a couple of these boards spare that he is building up for about £100, but there won't be more than two or three as far as i am aware (Its Andy Tait and he obviously has some heavy duty releases in progress, so these are just for mates really) its fully analogue complete replica of the original circuit, fits in the palm of your hand, has no triggering other than the button and comes with all the mods as you can see, this is what i use for sampling 808 kicks.
Micro USB power and Mini jack audio, fits in the palm of your hand :)


  • Very cute.

    But I think it's something I wouldn't have a great deal of use for.

  • That gives me goosebumps! :D :D

  • Yeah i had to snap one up, its the only part of the 808 i still use really, and i always sample to stabilise anyway, perfect for me.

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