Grid resolution settings in sample edit mode

I struggle to find a way to adjust the grid resolution in the edit mode. Am I missing something completely obvious? I would like it to be 1/16...


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    Do you mean pattern edit mode ? Top right screen icon? Change to free / 32 /16 etc

    ... Oops sorry you did say sample edit ...

  • The sample-editor could use more grid snap options for sure.
    (Like 1 bar -> 1/64th note or 1,10,100,1000 and custom samples for accurate selection of single cycle waves etc. etc.).

    Currently it's limited to 'free', 'zero snap' and 'bars'

    We can never be sure of what @mathieugarcia is cooking for us to digest :)

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    EDIT: Oops, I fell into the same trap as Groovey (thinking this was about pattern edit)!


    I really wish that a basic grid (say 1/16th) would show in free mode.

    I usually switch to free when I want to add some manual shuffle/syncopation, so this becomes incredibly difficult when there aren't any gridlines as guidance/reference points.

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    Cheers! I think the maximum resolution for ‘snap to grid’ is a quarter note right now.
    A work around: slice mode, auto slice, grid can give you higher resolutions (up to 1/64th).
    Delete the first slice and you can trim at the desired loop length (which is what I wanted to achieve) 🙂
    Of course you need to quit slice mode in this case before you can trim etc 😇

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