Mapping Pads or Pad Layers Across a MIDI Keyboard

I am trying to map a bank of pads (drum samples), or the layers of 1 pad ( drum samples) across a MIDI controller (Launchkey 25) keyboard.
Please forgive me if this seems like a daft question. I am new to BeatMaker 3.
Many thanks


  • Whats the question ?

  • I wasn’t pressing the learn button then the MIDI keyboard notes to input the lower and higher notes on my controller, and now it seems so simple!

  • Just drag n drop the samples to individual pads, they will be automapped across keys on the keyboard.

    If you want to use a single layer, then drag n drop the samples in to the sample mapper and put them on any key you like.

  • Ahh! Most excellent...

    Can you sync BM3 with Auria or Cubasis (BM3 as slave)...and
    Can you recommend any other IOS stuff to use with BM3?

    This BM3 app really is the best i’ve tried so far!

    Many thanks

  • Stuff to use with B3, pretty much anything AUv3.
    Have a look in the AUi AUfx lists in the compatibility forum.....

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