Best current site for YouTube video downloads?

What's good site to use these days with no spyware etc?

With hi-res options where applicable etc.

Anyone have the the scoop?


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    Best advice is to Google "youtube downloader" and make sure you put on two condoms before venturing forth.

    I had some success with recently - and pretty sure I didn't contract any venereal diseases during the exchange.

    p.s. Make sure you you have a decent ad-blocker and up-to-date browser

  • Best advice is to use an Android phone or desktop for this.

    However, there was a guitar training app mentioned recently that did it specifically for the purpose of slowing the vid down for training, forum users were being all hush hush about its name, and my menory is terrible and i have forgot its name.
    I think @Audiogus or @GusGranite may have mentioned it possibly.

  • Cheers dude. And @tk32 too.

    It's actually my desktop I wanna do this from. I previously used laptop and android phone for this so I wasn't too fussed about spyware/viruses but I just got a new desktop for daw/video editing and it'll make things easier if I can download video on same machine as I'm editing on. But I wanna try to avoid that machine being online wherever possible and ideally only use sites with solid rep/no spyware etc..

  • Aaah ok, Windows or Mac, do you just want the audio or video too ?

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    I think the last time i did it was youtube download extension for chrome as @tk32 suggests ;)

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    Video, on Pc windows 10. Cool, will rubber up and check @tk32's suggestion ;)

  • The add-on for firefox is not half bad either 🙂

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