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Posted this on the AB board. I have looked and I’m sorry if I’m missing it. But can someone plz help with the below? Does not even have to be Xequence... any external sequencing into Drum bank in BM3?

Hi! I’m going to lose my mind. I love Xequence! I am able to do most with it. But now I would like to sequence drums in a bank in BM3. How???? For the love of God I have tried every midi input combo. Please before I go more insane anyone able to do this???



  • Sorry, would like to help, but I’m midi stupid. I can get it to work in omni mode, but that is clearly not what you need 😕

  • Should work the same as any external MDI control

  • @5pinlink thanks, works now 🙂

    @chaztrip in my case it started working after choosing virtual midi (in cubasis) instead of B3 as midi out. I’m sure there’s a good reason for that 🤔

  • Funny thing though, the cubasis keyboard triggers pads from pad 9 and up.

    Also, pad 9 Receives all notes, at the same time as the other pads. So there’s pad 9 playing like it’s in keys mode, while other pads get triggered as expected at the same time.

    I’m sure I still must be doing something wrong.

  • Thanks for the update link. Now if BM3 would stop crashing every time I try something new or load a new AU FX. 🤬😩

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