Blue mangoo parametric eq

Is it worth it? It seems to have visual feedback and maybe less tapping around than B3’s native eq...


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    Its cheap but lets be clear, Fabfilter has announced AUv3, they will be expensive but they are the number 1 defacto standard on iPad and Desktop ;)

    Worth keeping that in mind with EQ purchases.

  • Wise words. Anyway, my poor ipad seems to be struggling as it is now, maybe I should just start saving for an upgrade before adding to the workload 🙄

  • What iPad is it ?

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    Air 2 from around the end of 2014 (if I remember well).

  • Wow, you writing orchestral pieces ?
    I have never maxed out my Air 2.

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    FYI - Doug Woods uses an Air2 for all his YouTube videos

  • I think the difference between an Air2 and the 2018 is minimal at best, and the pros just dont offer enough for the money for me personally.

    Apple need to step their Pro game up a few steps, a Surface go running VSTs next to an Air2 is a much more intruiging proposition.

  • That’s why I’m hesitating. I should probably just work more with samples/audio and leave the usage of au synths etc to a minimum.

  • Dump AU synths to audio tracks if they are killing your resources, you should always do this before mix down anyway, dump everything to stems....
    1 It gives you an extra level of editing ability.
    2 It gives you an extra level of safety for future loading "Crap that AU no longer works with IOS 48, no problem, i have the stems"
    3 If you are completely anal, it gives you much better latency, i know quite a few people that will run all synths to stems, zoom in, move in to place perfectly, depending on the synth and MIDI implementation it is very very rare to get a sample accurate playback from plugins (As per @brambos information however, this is less so on IOS because everything is done per sample, no idea how that is actually achieved, i am no developer)

  • Haven't tried it personally but am also very interested. When it came out a few weeks ago there was a pretty big discussion on the audiobus forum about it ..the developer was there as well. I remember a lot of people wanted a graphic visualizer in an update, me included. The dev said ..right, definitely included in next update. I'm guessing that update has already happened. ...also Doug from the soundtestroom did i video on it... i think (?)

  • I just picked up fabfilter pro q 2 and I'm still considering picking this up as a possible light weight alternative that still has the spectrum graph. I noticed it was added in one of the recent updates, according to the version history, and knowing the dev just added it after people requested it, that's pretty awesome.

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