Unsaved Sessions?

I just deleted unsaved sessions that were also in the saved sessions folders and noticed it also deleted the saved versions......I just deleted about 20 beats.....i'm about to lose my mind.....is this whats supposed to happen?are they recoverable?I can not believe this


  • If you deleted unsaved sessions then it can only delete those, are you sure you hadn't actually saved projects you wanted to keep in unsaved sessions by mistake ?

  • The dilemma with those unsaved sessions in BM3 3.0.10 is that newly recorded samples in a sessions go to those 'unsaved session folders' by default and even when one loads an old session a new 'unsaved session' is created for the old session and recorded samples go there as well.

    One also needs to be careful and check the 'session folder location' when saving samples, it can sometimes be one of those unsaved session folders...

    So even when one 'thinks' the session is safely saved in the Sessions folder it can still point to samples in those unsaved session folders and if if 'cleanup' is done (ie. delete unsaved session folders) those samples are 'gone'.

    Personally I would love be able to set default folders for samples & temp-files to keep them in one place regardless of the session in use. (After editing I save the samples to their proper folders and seldom include the samples in the session folder).

  • Moral of the story, use good housekeeping, i may have mentioned it once or twice.

  • Thanks fellas

  • @Richuill
    If you deleted those sessions in the files app on IOS, remember to look in recently deleted, its like a recycle bin/trash, you may get lucky and they are still there.

  • I deleted it in BM3

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