Korg IOS App sale!!!

What do you recommend as so much choice!!! I'm seriously considering the iWavestation though.


  • Personally i wouldn't touch any IOS product from Korg, they are completey ignorant of standards like AU etc and they dont have parity across fornats.

    Having said that, the M1 is still a staple of dance music even today (resampled)

  • For the style of music you make @The_Bro , I would definitely recommend the M1.

    It's not AU (none of the Korg apps are :(, but you can always sample it into Beatmaker like 5pin says... just like the old days :)

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  • Shit just realised this AU issue. Oh well that's a shame 'cause I just bought the ARP OYDESSEi lol.

  • The arp ODYSSEi is quite a cool synth. It has sounds that inspire. For me at least. Very creative. It really is a pain being non AU though. I literally find I just will not use an IAA synth. So even though I like the arp I never use it ha. The only IAAs I use are synth bytes. They are superb. But they are all being updated to AU anyway. So freaking freaking cool

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    @The_Bro if you want to get the full value out of your ODYSSEi purchase you should pick up Gadget on sale too. It's a lovely synth, and works well in that Korg ecosystem.

    I love the sound of the IAAs on my iPad which I've bought over the years... but I will not use them in music production until they add AUv3 support (like Sunrizer, Turnado and Cyclop all have recently)

    I'd really love Thor, Animoog, Magellan and Korg Arp Odyssei to get AUv3 makeovers, but it seems Korg are determined to keep their apps proprietary with Gadget.

  • Mono/Poly sounds decent as well. Yep, real shame they are not AU.

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