LFOs in BM3?

So for some reason I thought there was an LFO in the sample edit window of BM3, I must have been confused and thinking of my mpc1000.. is there an onboard lfo in bm3? I just wanted to add a tiny bit of lfo to the pitch of my sample to give it a little tape warble without an AU..


  • There is an LFO for samples, but you have to enable modulation on a parameter in order to select it.

  • Double tap the pitch dial
    Select modulate
    Then switch to the modulation tab to configure.

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    B3 LFOs are vastly superior to MPC too, really powerful, and don't forget the step modulator which is basically a stepped LFO you can draw your own shape.

    B3s modulation is actually very very powerful and only nedds a few tweaks to be second to none (Host sync in said step modulator is the main one)

  • AU parameter control?

  • Sorry, was only talking about the sampler, any kind of automated control outside that is either non existant or just plain bad , no smoothing of controls etc on automation, horrific zipper noise and so on.

    Not one of B3s better points.

  • Thanks guys!! I kinda thought there had to be something, just not going about it right... thank you!!

  • The lfos and modulations in general are crazy. The possibilities for sound design are mind boggling and I reckon I’ve only skimmed the surface. I never realised how powerful samplers could be. Combine lfos and glides and some step modulation with tuning randomisation can even create talkie vocoder type malarky. After spending so long learning synth programming, sometimes I think I could as well just stick with b3s sampler and save on cpu usage too. It’s big.

  • One more question.. is there a way to select all pads in the bank and add the said LFO too all pads in the bank??? Thanks again for helping me find the LFO 😊🙏

  • Sorry. LFOs are only per pad, as far as I can tell.

  • Is there no “select all” for changing the settings of all pads at once?? I just keep assuming that setting is not there. Am I missing it?

  • No, the only "Change all" we have is Change all layers, sadly.

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