Black Friday soundpacks

A really good offer with all soundpacks priced at $1. Thank you Intua!

I´ll start with the Drum & Bass bundle that has the Ludwig kit and some acoustic bass.

Which soundpacks have you been particularly happy with? Any packs that have gone the extra mile in creating some truly useful macro mappings that one can learn from? I´m thinking of parameters that go well together, macros that modulate in useful ways when doing the XY pads.


  • I've been really happy with Upright Bass, but keep in mind it's not for everyone. I like to compose a lot of jazz and these samples sound lively and thick. There's a bug with the bank btw: by default, in the audio effects chain, the reverb has the reverb dry mix set to 0%, and this sounds broken and weird. I don't know if that's intentional, but setting it back to the default of 75% or 100% makes things sound natural again; that's all, easy fix.

    Ludwig Kit is great for a natural sounding drum kit. Vintage drums, 808 science and 909 science have some great synth drum samples too.

  • I think the reverb is set to 0% and bound to a macro, so you can adjust according to taste

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    @tk32 the macro is only for the wet mix, not the dry. Can't control the dry with the macro knob unfortunately, and since they're separate, so no matter how wet your mix is you don't hear the dry.

    If this isn't intentional (and I don't think it is, it sounds pretty shite without dry signal), it's an omission or bug with the bank.

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    Sorry, I misunderstood.

    In that case, yeah, definitely sounds like a mistake/accident.

  • Yeah, there's only one other bank that has the same issue, which is the Grand Piano.

    Since there's 2 separate instances with the exact same problem (macro only on wet, dry set to 0% by default with no macro), I'm willing to assume it might be a BM quirk where these banks were designed for an older version that handled wet/dry reverb differently, and broke in an update due to backwards incompatibility. But this is speculation.

  • Can we get those banks updated in the store somehow? It's pretty sad buying something and it sounds absolutely terrible out of the box, but can be made to sound absolutely incredible by fixing the value of a knob :)

    It's about onboarding again, can't (and shouldn't!) expect new users to dig into all audio effects and check by themselves for errors.

  • Yeah, that must be a soundpack bug, with an easy fix. The upright sounds great now, along with the ludwig kit and bertha bass. It didn´t cross my mind that I had to look for the dry mix (first thought was that I needed to normalize all samples to bring up the volume), so thanks for that.

    Is the grand piano pack good once the dry mix is corrected? Or does it not provide much more than what you get from the grand in Garageband?

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    I haven't used garageband's at all, but BM's sampled version sounds fine, although not amazing to my ears. I think Ravenscroft 275 is worlds better, but also almost 20 times more expensive now :)

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    Correction: I meant the Garageband Classical grand, not the Grand Piano. This guy, doing many fine GB videos, is in favor of it:

    Yeah, I´ve heard the R275 is the real deal, but I´m more like a $1 offer kind of guy :smiley:

  • Bm3 once you take the crazy amount of effects off sounds great but you can tell it’s sampled vs say a Beathawk piano which I use mostly in bm3. GarageBands instruments are great but it’s a closed environment. Dream of mine would be if they would there instruments as apps so you could by them and use them in different apps.

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