Need help with using SV Filter 1

Im trying to give a sound a rising and lowering effect with SV Filter 1 and i'm not sure how to do it. I thought it would work by turning the knob while recoding but im not sure how to put in onto a bank with a rising and lowering effect. please help!



  • By rising and lowering do you mean in volume ?
    Do you mean the filter built in to the sampler, or the SV filter effect ?

    Either way you are going to want to record it as automation.

    I will do you a quick video if you explain a bit more what exactly you want.

  • I think I understand what you mean @taytrellz

    The main thing you need to know is that automation will not record unless you enable 'record automation' from the transport bar at the top of the screen.

    Either 5pin or me will make you a short video later on.

  • @5pinlink @tk32
    Yes 5pinlink, rising and lowering in volume. please may i see the video?

  • Sorry @taytrellz

    I am making a video for you right now....

    (Check back in 5 mins)

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    Here's the Video:

    Sorry I didn't have time to do a voiceover - I provide a written breakdown instead below


    Section 1 - Showng the sample, the 4-bar pattern and SV Filter effect

    • 00:00 - Demo of the sample, and 4-bar pattern which triggers the sample 4 times (then loops)
    • 00:28 - I load SV Filter onto the audio fx chain and adjust cutoff to demonstrate what a lowpass sweep sounds like

    Section 2 - recording cutoff automation

    • 00:40 - I turn RECORDING AUTOMATIONS: ON
    • 00:48 - I start recording and move the cutoff using my hands
    • 00:56 - I stop recording, but the cutoff continues to move because the automation is now recorded :)
    • 01:03 - I increase the Resonance setting, but this doesn't affect my automation because only the Cutoff values were recorded
    • 01:12 - Most users expect the recorded automation to be stored in the PATTERN AUTOMATION... but it's empty! Why is that?
    • 01:23 -'s because the cutoff automation has been recorded inside TRACK AUTOMATION as you can see here. -- Note - most people prefer automation to be stored inside the pattern, so I will show you how to do this at 02:18

    Section 3 - adjusting the automation after recording

    • 01:33 - I try using the shelf tool to adjust my automation data, but the grid/resolution is set to 1 bar, so the control is not precise. I could change the grid/resolution settings, but instead I switch to the slope tool and draw some perfect slopes between the 4 downbeats.
    • 01:54 - I switch the filter mode from LOW PASS to HIGH PASS to give an example of a different kind of filter sweep
    • 01:58 - I draw some new slopes with the slope tool

    Section 4 - Re-recording the Cutoff autmation INSIDE the pattern

    • 02:18 - I delete the TRACK AUTOMATION and put the pattern in loop mode so that if I re-record the autmation it will be stored inside the pattern (instead of on the track lane).
    • 02:33 - this time when I press record, all changes I make are stored inside the pattern
    • 02:35 - ..but there is a problem!! the pattern keeps restarting after one bar!? this is because I forgot to set the length of my pattern correctly! Doh!
    • 02:48 - I bring up the pattern helper, and edit my pattern (Pattern 1) so that it is 4 bars long
    • 03:00 - this time it works correctly, and I record 4-bar cutoff automation inside the pattern.
    • 03:17 - I quickly look inside the track automation,,,, EMPTY (this is what I expected)
    • 03:21 - I look inside the Pattern Automation.,.. and here is my automation data :)
    • 03:25 - I draw a smooth slope from start to finish, but usually I prefer the manual style better
    • 03:35 - The end
  • thanks so much @tk32 !

  • Sorry, i was busy watching the Americans cheat at sport again ;)

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