Is the ipad mini 4 worth getting for beatmaker 3

Was thinking about getting the ipad mini 4 for beatmaker. Does anyone know how far it will go as far as tracks. time stretching, sampling instruments, playback etc. Or should I just wait for the new mini coming next yr? Thanks in advance...


  • It looks like it has an A8 processor which is from 2014 and same as the one in iPhone 6.

    This will run BM3 fine but you will be limited and outgrow it soon, I would not recommend it.

    I’m running an iPad Air 2 which has the next gen A8x and I’m satisfied for now but still limited in how many AU3 I can run at once and planning to upgrade next year.

  • I use a Mini 2 and have no issues really, but I'm not addicted to AU plugins, if AU was more stable a Mini 4 would be great to me.

  • Ok thanks. I think ill wait for to see what the mini 5 is about. If not then a more recent pad.

  • I probably wasnt clear, I would love a Mini 4 for B3, in fact i will be getting a Mini 4 for B3 :)

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