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What am I doing wrong. When I go to upload a song from beatmaker 2 to soundcloud, I don't see any of the songs I've created. It just gives me the way files as an option. What am I missing? I'm sorry if this is a retread, I'm new to BM2 and this community. Old MPC user trying to catch up with the times. Late to the party but I'm here now.



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    Hey @ThinkStrong! and welcome :-)

    You need to create an audio export first.
    To do that:

    • Load your project
    • Go to the sequencer window and press "EXPORT" in the bottom toolbar
    • Select the start/end bar, or use the whole song / loop buttons
    • Select "To Audio File", then "EXPORT". Enter a name for the created audio export
    • Then, go back to the Soundcloud tool and will be able to pick the newly created WAV export.

    Hope this helps!
  • That’s still not working for me

  • said:
    That’s still not working for me

    Please be a bit more specific. Are you having trouble with this in beatmaker 2, or beatmaker 3? Where in the steps does the process go wrong for you? At what point is something either failing, erroring, or happening unexpectedly?

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