Connecting Audiokit Synth One

Hi. Total newb here, so apologies for what may seem a basic question, but I have checked the forum and can’t find a solution. When I load Audiokit Synth One to a pad via IAAs, the synth sounds distorted and crackles and BM starts acting up (my samples start breaking up and going glitchy). I’ve tried increasing the sample rate, but no joy. I’d love to get Synthkit One working with BM. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


  • Increase the latency to 512

  • Thanks NeHo, already tried that. Even went to up to 1024, but it’s still glitchy. I’m wondering whether it’s the IAA and whether Audiobus would be better.

  • Check you cpu load when you click on parameters and in the bottom left corner

  • Thanks again NeHo. CPU is bouncing around 35% mark. I’ve deleted a bunch of stuff on the iPad and that seems to have made things better.

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