AUv3 Plugin won't stop playing

I only use AUv3 instruments with BM3
I regular have an issue where i record a pattern with a plugin - play around with it using FX - but when i stop the pattern playback a single sound from the plugin keeps playing.
I can find no way to stop it - i've checked background apps (killed them), switch pads to select/keys - can't see anything that works
What am i doing wrong?


  • there might be a stuck note on the BM3 keyboard sending it to the AUv3 persistently. play all the keys up from the bottom to make sure you hit all the notes you might have been playing before, of course you can also skip around when you hear the difference in pitch from what you're playing and what's stuck.

  • There’s also the Midi Panic button on the Settings > Settings & Behaviors tab. This will send a note-off message to all connected synths. It may kill the running note.

    “Stuck Notes” also happen when an app gets a note-on message but misses the corresponding note-off message somehow. Some apps are more prone to stuck notes than others. If you can find the app that is often sticking and avoid using it, that may help.

  • Midi Panic button usually does it. though sometimes i've found just pressing the Stop button on the transport a couple times works as well.

    do you have a lot of automation written ?

  • I think I find when BM3 latches a note, which happens easy enough, it doesn't get unlatched with the midi panic, and I end up retapping the note to get it unstuck. Can't recall for sure if tapping stop fixes those or not though

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