How to keep playing a pad in an infinite loop?

Maybe my question is too basic, but i think this is a really basic functionality:
I would like to press a PAD (in performance view) and keep playing the sample in an infinite loop, is that possible?
Thanks in advance.


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    You can add a basic latch control to BM3 by purchasing Audioveek’s awesome MIDI Tools in the appstore.

    Just load an instance of the latch midi effect on each pad you want this control on, and afterwards tapping the pad will act as an on/off command instead of just playing the sample once.

    ...using this technique enables infinite looping

    Note - remember to configure and enable looping on the pads in question

    Here is how easy it is to setup...

    1 - Load MIDI Latch as an AUv3 Midi effect on the pad (not the bank!).

    Note my loop is configured to loop forward

    2 - The plugin only has 2 simple settings...

    3 - now pressing the pad (or triggering it via an external controller) puts it in infinite loop until you trigger the pad again to turn it off

  • Hi tk32, does this plugin works with samples in WAV format?

  • There is no need for latch.
    1 Load your sample
    2 Create a pattern and input a note so that when the pattern repeats it plays the sample again
    3 Load that pattern to a cell in scenes view
    4 Trigger in performance view and it will loop infinitely ;)

  • Yes, that works for neatly trimmed loops that match the project tempo.. but what about if the OP's loop is an irregular length @winconway ?

  • I answered his question, he said he wants to loop infinitely, which that does, not sure where odd length or anything else comes in to it, even odd lengths can be looped.

    I think Ishould just take my hostility elsewhere, I apologise ;)

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    @tk32 i have tried your solution but i have ipad 4 (ios 10.x) so i cannot install/purchase your suggested plugin. Could you recommend another plugin or solution?

    @winconway could you elaborate steps 2 and 3?

    Thanks so much guys!!

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    Here is a quick video of the simplest method.

    I set the project tempo to match the loop tempo, then create a 4-bar pattern that triggers the note once every 4 bars (the Amen loop in the video is 4 bars exactly)

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    Here’s another example video using scenes to trigger patterns or audio clips and it doesn’t matter how long the sample is or how many bars

  • Thanks again @tk32 and @ronji .
    Maybe i should have started with my requirement, or what i want to achieve:
    My need is the following:
    I want to have a bank with 16 pads with this arrangement:

    • The 2 first rows with loops (rhythms assigned to pads that should be looping indefinitely)
    • The 2 last rows with percusion samples (snare, kicks, high-hats, cymbals, crashes, etc.)
      I need this arrangement because i want to play rhythms and play percusions live, and i need to be able to change rhythms as fast as possible and able to play percusions (from last rows).

    I have tried the scenes views - but i just can see patterns, but i cannot play my percusions live.

    So finally, that´s why i am trying to assign a loop to pad and play infinitely.

    Is there any way i can do that?
    Thanks for all of you that take the time to help.

  • This would be possible with the Latch plugin (part of the MIDI Tools suite) but I don’t think these work on iOS 10

    I’ll try setting up a bank like you describe later today and post a video of it in action.

  • You mean like this?...

    (Excuse the sloppy finger drumming - i did this in one take)

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    Yes, exactly like that. I asume you are using the Latch plugin on the last row loops?
    1. Could you show your pads configuration and explain?
    2. How did you record video/audio of your ipad? What tools did you use.
    Let´s talk on whatsapp (my wsp +51 959705236)

  • Unfortunately it does require the latch plugin in order to do it all from the pad screen like this.

    I'll post screens showing config in 20 mins (currently away from iPad)

    Are you able to upgrade your iPad 4 to iOS 11 or 12?

  • Unfortunately, acording to Apple, IPAD 4 can not be upgraded to IOS11.
    IOS11 or 12 can be installed on newer devices only :'(

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