SOLVED (not sure how, though): No phono input signal in BM3 with Arturia Audiofuse

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Hi there,

First post.

My Audiofuse is seen by BM3 as it should and audio out works.
The issue is that BM3 doesn’t seem to see any incoming audio fromthe Audiofuse, though. GarageBand does.
No way to sample from vinyl as we speak...

I’ve opened a ticket but has anyone experienced the same?



  • Welcome!

    hmmmmm. Just some speculations but have you created an Audio Track and have the rec. enabled? should be able to see and select the Audiofuse from a long press within an audio track.

    Can you see it in the settings menu ?

    Also, where did you open a ticket...through Arturia? They are usually really helpful and hands-on with gear issues.

  • Thanks!

    Not sure why, but after many reboots/restarts it suddenly showed up.
    All good for now.

    Thanks again

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