Master Audio Export Missing Banks


New to BM3 and really enjoying it. Keen to share my creations as I progress with friends but the master export is not exporting all of the banks (some elements of the beat are completely silent).

I can't find any solutions elsewhere. Please help!

Thank you in advance.


  • Do some of the Banks have AU or IAA effects? If so, which plugins are they?

    Since BM3 uses non-realtime exporting, some plugins cannot handle it, since they need to tempo sync.

  • Hey thanks for replying. I'm using digital d1 plug in, but 2 of the banks work totally fine and 1 does not. All 3 from digital d1.

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    Unfortunately Audiokit auv3 plugins show numerous glitches (not only in BM3) if you use more than one instance your projects, so I’m inclined to believe this is the cause of your glitch @Bj07

    Sorry :(

  • @tk32 ah man how annoying its a big part of my beat, is there any fix you know of?

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    @Bj07 said:
    @tk32 ah man how annoying its a big part of my beat, is there any fix you know of?

    You could try exporting bank stems, then mixing the audio in a separate project (or other DAW).

    Alternatively, you could record the D1 tracks to audio tracks internally in the project.

    It's a real pain than Audiokit AUv3 still has these issues. I just have to remind myself to only use one copy in my tracks.

  • @tk32 alright thank you so much for your help. I'm going to look to make some more progress with the song then have a go at these solutions. I'll let you know which works!

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