Session corrupted ipad pro 1st gen

Every now and then i get sessions that just don't work anymore...i can open them but the cpu is showing 30% when the songs not even playing...and it takes ages for the app to react. Its weird because its so random...and makes these sessions unusable...i tried restarting/rebooting, crlearing memorie etc...


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    Sessions only corrupt when BM3 quits unexpectedly while writing to disk,

    Two common causes:

    1. Force-quitting the app whilst it is saving
    2. iPad battery dying while BM3 is writing to disk

    I don't think you can recover a corrupt session, but you might be able to salvage most of the samples/recordings contained within the project folder.

  • Thanks for the quick reply!!! That did happen to me in this session...cant remember the others...but must have been the same reason...

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