BM2 user struggling with BM3 IAA.

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Hi all.

This week, after using BM2 for about 9 years, I decided to make the move to BM3. Ive struggled with several things in BM3. One is the IAA. When I load up an IAA instrument it plays fine in BM3. As soon as I switch to the external synth, to change to preset sound, the audio goes dead. Then when I switch back to BM3 the audio either glitches or is totally silent. Some apps crash (namely Synth One) shortly after I switch back to BM3. Here is a video showing what I mean (on a new project/nothing else is loaded).

Am I doing something wrong? They all work fine in BM2. The few synths that come back to life after I switch back to BM3, the audio signal disappears (no levels register, although I can still hear them). I am running iOS 11 on an iPad Pro 10.5 (2017) and all my apps are up to date. The AUV3 apps seem to work fine too. Thanks!


  • Enable background audio in the BM3 settings...

    For some strange reason this is disabled by default causing havoc with IAA apps.
    (Maybe some users complained too loudly that BM3 was using battery when in background without realizing that background audio is needed in order to successfully be able to use IAA with BM3).

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Works perfectly now. I was pulling my hair out to be honest. You are a life saver. B)

  • I can’t get IAA to work anymore with Korg Gadget in BM3. I just quit using IAA and bought some AUV3 plugins. Way better!!!

  • Gadget's still pretty reliable as an IAA. Just need to open it first. :smile:

  • @samu said:
    Enable background audio in the BM3 settings...

    Many thanks for this!

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