Any recommondation for Hardware controllers ?

i am searching for a Hardware controller for BM3

What i have found is

Korg Nano studio - only ipad :(
Akyi MPK Mini - looks nice
Arturia Minilab MK2 - 16 encoders :)
Nova­tion Launchkey Mini MK3 - Midi Out ( usefull for other gear )

Or a Pad Only controller

Akai MPD 218 - not so much encoders.. but i have some doepfer stuff ;)
Akai MPD 232 - huge and 16 faders !
irig pads

Maybe some of you could share some expiriences ..



  • I have the Korg Nanokey Studio.

    What do you mean "only iPad"? Mine works fine on desktop too

  • For example on synthstrom deluge ? Midi or USB is possible there. Or any other hardware.

  • So i have got now a cheap used like new Nanokey Studio ..
    the Bluetooth feature is cool, the keys are completly different to normal keys..
    But not as bad as the Mini Keyboards like Akai MPKMini and Novation Mini Keyboards.
    Those are not usuable at all.
    Next days i get a used MPD218 .. testing testing testing

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