Making beat around vocals

I have been task with taking an audio file of of song and making a beat for it. I am having a hella time doing so. I have the BPM for the file however getting it to synch and stay on beat is the issue for me. Any tips?


  • syncing to long audio files is hard. Even if your calculation is out by only a whisker this will gradually increase over time so that after 30+ seconds you are way off beat.

    My advice is to cut the audio file into smaller segments (let's say 1-4 bars per segment), and trigger them on the beat in your timeline.

    This helps for two reasons...
    1. It re-syncs the audio to the track every 1-4 bars, which really helps you keep it in tight sync with your beats
    2. It will help you finetune the BPM of your track because you will be able to hear if the 1-4 bar segments don't line up.

    Hope this helps

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