• I prefer the slicer built into BM3.

    But Segments looks nice for people who prefer AUM and other DAWs on iOS

  • At least sEGments has partial lazy chop (suggested this during early BM3 betas but parts of the team didn't like the idea so it never got implemented, go figure...) which speeds up the flow a bit.

    If I'm not mistaken sEGments will get live lazy chop when recording audio at a later point in time...

    Ok, so this is BM3 forum but the lack of any kind of updates has made me loose interest on a big scale...
    ...but part of me hopes at least some kind of development is going on....
    (iPadOS14 will bring true multi-core audio processing and BM3 could definitely benefit from this!).

    At the phase things are cooking Cubasis 3 is already universal and will likely get a sample track before any BM3 updates pop up, sad and mostly likely the thru harsh reality :D

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    well said. Sad and most likely the truth.

    What boggles my mind is that BM3 is consistently in the top 3 selling paid apps in the app store week after week. Out of what.. thousands? There are developers who aren't getting that kind of revenue that work their asses off on updates. And i've seen sooo many msgs like yours sharing the same sentiments.. ' liked the app but lack of updates made me lose interest/ switch to 'x' Daw. etc '

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    and yeah. I've not seen anything in sEGments that would steer me away from what I've been doing in BM3 .. though it has a couple perks.
    And it looks like shitty patchwork shirt from the early 90's.

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