Mixer issue

I have an issue, can you help?
In songs where I am using several drum kits made from sliced samples, the mixer is not usable. By that I mean as soon as I move to the mixer window, there is massive distortion, the song slows, samples sound stretched. Not even possible to listen in the mixer window but as soon as I move back to the sequencer window, it immediately returns to normal and all distortion stops.

I am guessing this is a memory issue or a result of too many samples triggered at once.

Maybe I should try bouncing my drum tracks into audio tracks.........?

Any ideas for me??



  • I have never heard of this.

    How many drums kits / sliced samples are you using? Are they super long wav files?

    Are you running any audio units?

  • Perhaps you have too many samples streaming from disk simultaneously??

    As AudioGus said.. I've never encountered this either.

    I assume you've tried rebooting the iPad? You should also try increasing your audio buffer up to 1024 and see if that fixes the problem (you can always lower it again later).

  • As always when troubleshooting it would be good to know what device and iOS version we're dealing with...
    ..are any external audio interfaces in use and what is the session sample-rate etc.

    Some AUv3 have issues with sample-rates other than 44.1K and can cause crackling and other oddities.

    To me it sounds like the buffer size could use some adjustment...

    BM3 always tries to render the UI at 60FPS and I don't know if it would benefit for the app to allow the user to set the rate at which the UI is re-drawn. (For example setting the UI render/refresh to 30FPS would give more cycles for audio duties without having to mess with the buffer-size).

    But as always the more info we get, the more likely we can work out the cause for the issue.


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    Ah many thanks for the replies! Much appreciated. I'm going to look carefully at each one......... So I have a Lot of samples in use and clearly I am slack in my management LOL. I have three sliced kits loaded, different drum loops probably around 16 slices in each.........but I am not using them all.....(doh, didn't really occur to me till I read your replies)...... I think you are correct Audiogus and TK32... too many long files. Samu it's iPad 7th gen version 13.5.1.... hopefully I'll have some music time later I will try bin some of those un needed drum hits .. . .... .

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    sliced samples are great, but beware that many times the sampler remains streaming the sliced sample region directly from disk, even if you are only using for small one-shot drum hits or vocal chops.

    if you have lots of sliced samples, and getting audio playback issues as you say, it might be worth looking at which ones you could possibly trim (removing the area outisde the slice markers) and then switch those ones to load into RAM.

    However, you may be able to solve all your issues simply by increasing the audio buffer in BM3’s settings.

    Looking forward to helping you resolve this issue as you share more info.


  • Ah thanks tk....... Some horrific sample management here! The problem has been resolved ...... I had the same sliced sample loaded on two banks......also that sample was sliced into 24 slices......... I didn't realise till I checked pad 2 and found more slices............ I erased all the unused hits, trimmed and saved........obviously I should have done that from the off!
    Many thanks for helping people!

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    @Phil2020 Just curious, which iPad are you using? (Year. model, RAM). Edit: You're using a late 2019 iPad 'base' model with 3GB RAM.

    I have the same issues in BM3 on my 2GB RAM iPad, but not as much on the 4GB iPad Pro. On my 1GB iPad, it's almost unusable.

    One of the old devs (MG) mentioned that BM3's mixer page should be avoided, due to the reasons that @samu mentioned above. Hopefully it gets sorted.

  • @Sequencer1 said:
    @Phil2020 Just curious, which iPad are you using? (Year. model, RAM). Edit: You're using a late 2019 iPad 'base' model with 3GB RAM.

    Ah thanks man. I guess we all have to be realistic in our expectations.......... I have resolved to try to be much more tidy in my sample management............

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