Beatmake 3 midi sync problem with Boss ms3

Hello. I `m new here, i hope you can help me with this.

I want to use the midi out of my boss ms3 to send midi clock to my ipad with beatmaker 3. And in general it works, but i have an annoying issue. when i active the midi clock signal on the ms3 and then press "play" on beatmaker 3. the sequence on beatmaker 3 starts to go very fast for a while with all the music sequence ( bpm gets very fast and crazy) until suddenly it start to go syncronized with the midiclock of my ms3. For me it looks like the BM3 is trying to recover these beats that the ms3 did beetween the time i start the midi clock on the ms3 and press start on the BM3 . Do you know a way to resolve these?
Cheers from Chile


  • Hi and welcome. There's a Discord channel that's more active, click here.

    Be sure there's no MIDI feedback loop. Since BM3 doesn't have any MIDI filtering options, check the BOSS' filtering options, if it has them. If not, you may need to start disabling one of more of the BOSS' MIDI Inputs in BM3, and if that doesn't work, you may need to slave BOSS to BM3.

    And when BOSS is the master clock, be sure nothing is mapped to Transport: Metronome and Transport:Tempo in MIDI Focus Actions. (You usually don't need the latter since MIDI Clock supports tempo change.)

    And finally, if you end up having to slave BOSS to BM3, you may need to filter out CC64 & 123, since BM3 sends these when pushing Stop once or twice.

    In these situations, it's handy to have an iOS MIDI Monitor, MIDI OX (Windows), or hardware like a MOTU or MIDIhub.

    Good luck!

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