Project really slow all of a sudden

I was working on a 15 minute song and everything was going smooth. I finished it and just wanted to rerecord some bassdrums with external synths. I added one audiotrack for this. Also i added some automations. Now my project is so slow that every action i want to do requires about 10 seconds. I unloaded a ton of plugins, even though the project was working fine on my ipad pro with all of the plugins earlier... but its still kind of slow and wont even render without wierd random audiobuffer glitch sounds. There are still about 10 auv3 plugins in use (korg module, aparillo, factory, replicant, dubstation2, eventide blackhole, fabfilter l2). I dont use a lot of effects though...

What can i do to make it render again? What is the most probable cause for this? Could the problem be that i only have 2 gb of space left? Are audiotracks / automations always a huge problem for the processor (not a very experienced bm3 user over here)

any help would be greatly appreciated


  • The first thing you should always try is increasing your buffer in BM3's settings. It sounds like your iPad is trying to stream too many things from disk simultaneously, and if the buffer is too low it will struggle to keep pace.

    Try that and let me know..

    I'd definitely try clearing a bit of space, dive even if that's not the reason for this specific showdown, it's going to cause you a problem sooner or later. Anyone using their iPad for creative projects should always make sure they are not running out of storage space.

  • ...And the surprisingly often overlooked but often instant fix:

    "Have you tried rebooting the iPad?"

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