Creating multisample presets

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I have created a bunch of presets from the Yamaha Motif XS into the keyboard sampler. Problem is i cannot figure out how to make the wav files loop smoothly enough to sustain the sound like the original preset sounds do. I tried to set the loop at a certain point in the wav, and set the note range to hold+loop, but i always get a stop and start type loop when i hold a note instead of a smooth sustaining note. Has anyone had success with doing this with string/synth/key sounds? I know it can be done, as the sounds that come with the app are wavs and they loop perfect...


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    In another post I asked Intua if in a next update they can implement the wav imported to also load loop points from its metadata, that would greatly improve this same problem i've experimented... I usually loop my wavs on my desktop with pro software and the resulting wav contains that info.

    I really hope this feature can be added soon.
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    Ragno; what software do you use to loop the wavs correctly? Once it's looped and imported will BM2 recognize the loop parameters that were previously done for each sample?
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    I use redmatica's keymap pro... It's a software to create pro instruments... It has very powefull autolooping features... A bit pricey though... Goes for about $250.00

    But acid pro would also be a choice.

    If intua implements reading loop points from wav metadata, then yes, bm2 would read the loops.. It would be awesome, a really powerfull feature imho.

    They pretty much just have to load the looping info contained in the wav or aiff files... Pretty standard on pro daws for desktop nowadays.
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    About loop points: BeatMaker 2 reads loop points as defined in the WAVE and AIFF format standard. When loading a sample into the keyboard sampler, make sure the trigger mode is set to "HOLD+LOOP". You can also verify your loop settings by tapping on the EDIT SAMPLE button.

    To have your sample files loop smoothly, what you can do is apply a CROSSFADE (from the DSP menu inside the wave lab) to the looping region. It should eliminate most of the audio clicks that can happen when looping a region.

    Hope this helps,
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    I'll check it out tonight... Last time I checked I was on 2.0
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    In deed my Wav's load the loop points, my aiffs don't dunno why ... and they came from exactly the same source...

    I did the crossfade on the samples... sometimes I get clicks, sometimes I don't ... I shouldn't though because the sample has a perfect loop...
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    Thanks for your inputs ! Really appreciated.

    Ragno: Would you mind sharing with us one or two samples that doesn't work? (<!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->)

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    I've uploaded and sent you the link via email.

    Best Regards
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    We improved our AIFF markers reader, and now it reads your specific AIFF correctly.
    Your file has 4 markers (start/end/loop start/loop end), when generally only 2 are stored within that specific AIFF chunk.
    The fix will be available in BeatMaker 2.1.3.

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    That sounds great... I'm pretty shure that the reason my aif's give you 4 marker points is because start, indicates where it should start pre-fade / loop start is where it should start the loop / loop end is where the loop point returns to the loop start/ end is the post-fade section.

    One question... would it be possible to use this sections to make the fading without having to destructively edit the waveforms?

    I really think it would be a better way to adjust fadings and achieve the best sounding loops all within the app.

    Warmest Regards
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