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    My apologies @mefisme. Just saw your other thread. Project sounds wild. :o

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    @WillieNegus said:
    Was there any updates to the Batch Creator or anything like this available for Mac? @ronji, @mefisme...Anyone?

    No, it was abandoned by the previous creator and only written in autohotkey (a scripting language for PC). I started coding a new one for all platforms in python but havent worked on it much and changed my mind. I've come to realize I'm getting ahead of myself and need to continue my support to other things first.

    How many kits you need batched?

    The quickest way is still the old version, open in BM2 and resave, then file transfer to BM3. Or just speed building in BM2/3.

  • Appreciate your attention to this @mefisme. I have the whole iMaschine Library to convert over. Still trying to make the complete jump from Logic to iOS. Trying to learn the ropes in BM3 having fun so far. Just need more...cowbell. No really, gotta have those iMaschine kits and I don’t really wanna export and reimport each separately.

  • No disrespect, but if you don't really want to export and import, you dont want them that bad. (again no disrespect meant)

    Do one kit a day by export and import and i guarantee that you will have an "Oh wow, didn't know you could do that" moment every day.
    Your kits will be laid out perfectly, exactly as you wanted them, and colored perfectly and all matching.
    Trust me, the extra effort makes it worthwhile.

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  • Lol@no disrespect meant. I’ve noticed how much you do around here and greatly appreciate your efforts so no qualifications nec. Who has time for thin skins? That said, perhaps you will/have shared your kit creation tek (colors, placement, etc). Always welcome game from the wiser wons. Exploring your contributions (kits) I picked up a few things.

    Perhaps a @5pinlink workflow/org optimization tutorial series?

    Lastly, where I’m from when a man addresses you with a ‘no disrespect”...he means to dis you a wee bit.lmfao

  • I started with no disrespect meant, because (And this may sound derogatory, but you can actually check threads) in general, people asking for help importing iMaschine kits will automatically assume anything you say to try and help them is busting their chops, so no, i'm not trying to dis you at all.

    The reason i mentioned doing it manually is this, when i create a kit i want all my kicks to be my kick colour/placement etc, if you load one of my kits available here in resources, then another then another, you will start to know which pads are kicks and which are snares etc by just looking at colours/placement.
    This is something i tried to push to the developers at NI for Maschine, but their reply was always that it was not important and users should just set up their own colouring, seriously, imagine if all the expansions from NI had actually been colour coded, they would be so much easier to use.
    In reality their reply actually mean't this "It would take extra development time to colour code, and we just want to sell samples"

    Here is my colouring, i keep it basic....
    Kicks = Orange
    Snares = Red
    Metals (Cymbals etc) = Yellow
    Percussion (Claps,claves,blocks etc) = Green
    Noises (Bleeps, bloops) = Purple
    The only ones i am religious with are Kick/Snare/Hats because they are the three core elements of any beat.

    Here is my placement, note that I place for programming, not finger drumming....
    So the pads start bottom left with the most important elements, left to right through the pads, up to the least important elements top right.

    For finger drumming you can find some tutorials online, but don't be too religious trying to follow their mapping, practice you finger positioning (Everybody is different) then work out from that where you need your core elements to be (Kick/Snare/Hats) normally it ends up being in some configuration of various 'L' shapes around the pads, with non core elements filling the blanks.

    16 vs 64 vs 128
    Personally i am in the 16 pad camp, i Like my pads to be a nice size on screen, it lowers the amount of scrolling needed in the step editor, and i am used to layering multiple kits anyway to get the vibe i want, however, if you kit is less about the core elements (kick/Snare/Hats) it can be convenient to have a lot of stuff mapped to the same pad bank, 128 vocal snippets etc, but again you need to balance ease of all being in one bank against the amount of scrolling that will be needed in the step editor.

    Beyond this, it is definitely worth in my book just exporting the samples that you can from iMaschine, and drag n drop them to the pads to get your perfect set up, in a perfect world i would love everybody to follow my colouring/mapping, but very few people share kits anyway, so it is not that important.
    Don't forget if you have the expansions on desktop Maschine, you have the higher quality versions of all the samples and you can pass them over to your iPad in way less time than it takes to export them from iMaschine.

    I feel another Beatmaker Bible section coming from this lol.

  • @WillieNegus I would just like to clarify that I don't build tools unless I have a use for them. My intention for the new batch creator has nothing to do with batch exporting Maschine sounds (even though it would do so). It goes much further than that. The idea is to strengthen community and sharing as it once was in BMK days. Bringing the Beatpack idea back. And to speed up templating out so music becomes the focus.

    As @5pinlink said, doing it manually teaches you alot. Once you do it enough (I've spent hours doing so by hand), you do become faster like a master. :) However, the issue becomes more noticeable when building instruments and packs larger than 16 pads or when you purchase some sample pack that has 1000+ sounds and you want a prebuilt pack for that to jam on in BeatMaker.

    The secret is getting them bulk into your Beatmaker 2/3. I've found using Readdle Docs as my file manager saved me from the first part of the headache which was transfer. It has restored my faith in file management between platforms. Because I can WEBDAV, FTP, cloud, or SMB from anywhere including the device I'm on itself. So now, BeatMaker 2 actually becomes a great complimentary tool to Beatmaker 3. Because you can pack out for both.

  • Beatmaker Bible sounds like something a lot of people would pay you for tbh.

    Hearing how others with significantly more exp do things is always a treat. Especially as I haven’t been studio diving for years. I miss it. The comradeship, collaboration, learning new ways to improve n do groovy shit.

    To have spaces where real Wizards dwell and are willing to break shit down as to why...and share the thinking behind their magical indeed.

    I’ll take your advice and build my kits organically. You are right, I can only learn more about BM3 and...scrutinize the sound I’m really trying to accomplish with it. Looking to create a new vibe anyways .

    Perhaps I don’t need so many samples anymore at all. Maybe it’ll be better to start by creating my own kits from scratch again, project by project vs just importing the same anerexic sounds everyone is using. (iMaschine, and Intua have some great sounds actually but you know what I mean...missing hair on their balls still).

    Even my old hardware sounds. I’ve built this massive collection of sounds that I don’t use the smallest % of. Why? Why must we do these absurd things? Is it a man thing?lol.

    You should see my vinyl collection. The order, cataloging. Why?!!!! I don’t even have a fucking record player anymore shit broke 10 years ago!

    With all of these synths, drum synths and ease of importing from the I really need a huge database onboard or will that actually make finding The Vibe more difficult?

    Let’s see. Thanks again for sharing your conventions. Coming from using an MpC with gray pads and blue display...never GAF about color much. Been living life colorblind ;)

    Apologies for the long winded comment but I feel better now so...

  • @WillieNegus I think a sample library is still important. But we all tend to collect too many sounds. It's way more fun to build your own. :) Something very peculiar when you find two sounds that work together that you created or packed together. Or chopping and resampling just to make some new sound no one has heard of. It's refreshing.

  • Absolutely @mefisme. It was apart of the original passion. Diving through records, cassettes, recording shit around the city and organizing them. Tedious but fun in the right company, or when feverishly inspired or special sauce fueled.

    The challenge for me now is that 37 year old business decision of how much time my lower back/spouse/daughter will allow me to create anew vs let’s get this session moving

  • Its weird, i make samples for a living, now and then, sometimes etc etc etc.
    My sample collection is small but pointed, so say i create a kit, it will have ten MIDI files or so to go with it, so if i have a song going, i can just blast through kits in context with a pattern “Ahhh thats the one” then reprogram the pattern if needed, I learned a long time ago that creating samples on the fly during making a tune or creating preset for synths during making a tune is a massive passion killer.
    If im sampling up vinyl, i just go through a ton of stuff, pull loops and make up a folder, then come back to that folder at tune making times, tunes go together in literal minutes hahaha.

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    Link me to those commercial samples @5pinlink. Love to see more of what you’ve been up too. The more I browse the forum the more I see how much more you and @mefisme have invested in music than I.

    I agree that Song Creation occupies a seperate mode or space not to be distracted or polluted with the sample creation/organization process.

    If I knew how much all of the drinks were gonna cost me buy the end of the night— before I walk in the club— I probably wouldn’t find any of the women inside nearly as attractive.

    That analogy may not have made any cents whatsoever but I feel richer for adding it so...

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    I dont really link to my music or smples here, what i do here is what i do here, to be fair, a few of the companies i have worked for i wouldn’t pee on if they were on fire, didn’t know that at the time though, i only get out of an exclusivity clause some time this year and the plugin we are developing already for after that ends, wait, the plugin that i have seen somebody else developing ahem cough ahem, has over a 1000 kits hahahahaha

  • Fair enough. I’d say that if there is just a “few companies” you’ve worked for that if on wouldn’t have sufficient pisstiunguisher’ve lived a good life indeed.

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    I was being polite, you can easily replace a few with every, the statement would still be true ;)
    One particular piece of xxxxx (known for making amazing analogue hardware, yeah right) still owes me £750,000 hahaha, and trust me, i dont even own my own home, that would have set me up for life hahahahaha (laugh or cry times)

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    All of @5pinlink contributions here or otherwise are definitely top-notch. They are in pro sampling rates and I dig them. Actually was just jamming big beat 2 and nueros today. Had loads of fun! Much thanks. Really.

  • @5pinlink I actually would follow the coloring for this if I plan on sharing some custom packs I’ve designed. It totally makes sense. But I haven’t been focusing on packs currently. Maybe I should. Idk. I like making weird stuff too much. Lol.

  • WOAh my bad did somebody say they need the batch file creator I have it still

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    @Shazamm said:
    WOAh my bad did somebody say they need the batch file creator I have it still

    Nah. Thanks though! I’m trying to write a new one. But it has to serve a workflow purpose for all. Not just me and my kit building. And I’d personally want it to have a GUI like beatpack from golden days. And I have to design it in a way that protects everyone legally. So WIP (work in progress) :(

    Other users might still want it. It’s just a waste of time though now to use.

  • @Shazamm said:
    WOAh my bad did somebody say they need the batch file creator I have it still

    If it works for Mac, i would still appreciate anything that could possibly help me breeze through my legacy stuff @Shazamm

    If not, all G. The fellas inspired me to go full Freddy Krueger yesterday. Spent all day slicing; extracting sounds, loops and vocals. Not sure how many fresh kits I made but I had a ball.

    Sunday’s are now fresh kit day.

  • Bonsoir, quelqu’un aurait-il un lien qui fonctionne pour telecharge Merci d’avance.

  • Good evening, a link that works for download Thank you in advance.

  • @ronji said:
    The site was down before, and oddly enough I still couldn't get to it on my phone, but my PC was able to load the site, and I've downloaded the utility. I'm gonna upload it to our resources Dropbox folder in case it goes down again.

    Looks like it might be due to some weirdness with the "www" in the address. this link should work:

    shout out for showing me that the site was up as long as you removed the www

    This link from the first page still works. It's still from the original site. The comment after that includes the AutoHotKey source file attached directly via this forum, which will hopefully always be available even if the original site's link breaks.

  • Thank you so much @ronji !

  • @Shazamm said:
    WOAh my bad did somebody say they need the batch file creator I have it still

    @Shazamm said:
    WOAh my bad did somebody say they need the batch file creator I have it still

    @Shazamm said:
    WOAh my bad did somebody say they need the batch file creator I have it still

    @Shazamm said:
    WOAh my bad did somebody say they need the batch file creator I have it 1. still

    cMo: Yes but it's ok, @ronji to put the link, thank you.

  • Hey guys, we made an app that converts your Maschine Libraries into Beatmaker kits. Unfortunately it only works with Maschine libraries at the moment.

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