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  • @nick Haha, get the 5 radio samples whichever way you like dude ;) I just included the strom app rule/link cos it's a free AU and a cool thing to have in a bank. It's in my default project template and I use it a lot. Gives BM3 a kind of Op1 feel to it and fast/fun thing to have in a bank for random inspiration. Via AU the sampled audio quality is pretty great too. Was just a kind of a heads up for people to try it if they haven't already ;) No big deal either way tho :)
  • That was a typo, free not fee, really sorry about that ;)
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  • Sorry i have never used it, I'm just going by @Heyez rules where he says open it as AU ?
  • @triton100 just checked, yeah you're right! Sorry for bad/confusing info. I think that where it's basically a 'set and forget' plugin/ui it always felt as fluid as an AU so my brain filed it under AU ;) I'll ammend Battle guidelines with correct info.
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  • @5pinlink the main battle post maybe needs to be stickied to page 1 of the forum? Today it's disappeared altogether and I had to find it in my profile 'discussions' to share the link with someone.. Won't get any entries if no one can find the link/post ;)

    On the Op1 forum the battles are right at top of the forum. It's a total 'community' vibes thing ;) Having it there to see each time login gets the attention for new people getting involved and also makes it easy for people to submit their tracks/see if anyone else has handed a track in to check out etc ;)
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    I think that this thing being an 'officially' endorsed part of the forum is a good idea, in terms of building a community around the app. To be honest, I found the rules for the first contest pretty complex (at first glance) so I'm not 100% sure if I'm going to find time alongside my current ongoing projects to submit an entry, but I do plan to be a regular participant in the ongoing contests.

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    @OscarSouth Yeah, I feel like I probably over complicated the first battle a little and maybe put a few people off the idea of entering :( I've since gone back and re-worded in an attempt to try to make it appear less complex. It's actually a pretty basic set of rules underneath ;) with BM3 it kinda feels like for it to be an interesting exercise it needs a few guidelines tho otherwise it's basically the same process as making any old track in any old daw and everyone staying inside their comfort zones with almost unlimited options ;)

    Hopefully whoever wins that battle can make a more appealing/fun set of guidelines for the next one :)

    Would be cool if it catches on like it has on the Op1 forum and get 10+ entries on each battle. It's a fun community thing to get involved with that nearly always seems to make people use things differently to how they would normally and learn some new stuff. Or at very least throw a new finished track out in to the world ;)
  • "Here's a bunch of samples, you can only use these" is much more common on groove based competitions, but i know you guys are not so much groove musicians, so its non of my business.
    The rules have stopped me from entering, only because i look at it and think "Yeah i haven't got time for all that stuff"
    That is no hint or anything else, just that it seems time consuming for how much time i personally could spare right now, if it was a bunch of samples i could just knock something together quick for fun.

  • @5pinlink Yeh I get what you're saying. But if you break it down its barely any different to what you describe in terms of time it'll take to get set up ;)

    Hit the random link generator for your bpm - takes like 2 seconds.

    Record a sample from ipad mic. Takes 2 seconds (admittedly you have to choose something to sample. But that's the funnnnn!)

    Record 5 samples off the Ström radio app. Download and install takes like 2 minutes and is something people should do ASAP anyway in case at some point it stops being a freebie ;)
    Setting radio up on a pad takes 5 seconds. Choosing 5 samples from radio can be as quick as people wanna make it. Couple of minutes or a couple of hours. The interesting part is hearing what people choose to use ;) its interesting to me cos it's random cos it's on radio, but there's also a creative decision to make in deciding what to use. Rather than being spoon fed a sample/s to use..

    If I'd supplied sample etc people would still have had to download/import. Only taking like 5 or 10 minutes difference ;)

    Agreed tho that for a first battle something super simple might have been a better move. I wouldn't be offended or pissed if people wanna scrap that one and do something else if it's put people off? Just be a shame if anyone's already started making a track?
  • @5pinlink either way, whatever everyone wants to do for the current battle (Im totally cool with someone else replacing the one I sketched out), it would be great to have it stickied to the forum? Feels kinda pointless putting them together if they're gonna be buried and missed by people browsing ;)
  • There is no "people" it was just my own personal opinion on the time i have, i am not suggesting starting a different competition, like i say, i am not really involved, it was just 'My' opinion, and nobody else has suggested anything even remotely similar.

    On a sidenote, i would be interested to know what the majority of forum users actually make genre wise, that may give more insight.

  • I agree, the rules do appear a little too complex for those of us who don't have a lot of time. I participate in regular remix jams (they're not really contests, there are no winners, just a resulting mix tape) put on by a localish group called feedback alliance. They generally provide a pack of stems and some general rules like "techno style this time" or "you MUST use the dolphin sample" or "you have to have a part with all synths hitting for a full bar" and often there will be a bpm set, or a bpm range, or free bpm, and a soft time limit. I'd like to see the bpm either set, or just wide open. I don't know if I would recommend changing the rules much for the round since you've already set them and some people might already have started, but those are my thoughts.

  • @5pinlink speak for yourself Re: groove. My artist profile is (emphasis on the BASS!) and I have a masters degree in session musicianship with specialisation in bass. Bassmasta!!!
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    @OscarSouth groove based is a general term for dance music (HipHop/Dubstep/DnB/Techno/House etc etc)
    Sorry if i misinterpreted what you do, but the stuff i heard was not heavy groove dance music, and others have posted very mellow or even ambient, my observation was based on that, sorry.

    For the record i have next to no formal education (Started work at 14) so it is very very likely, nay definite that you know way way way more than me about pretty much everything, especially music, so please excuse my stupidity on here sometimes (Not sarcasm)

  • Oh and I forgot to mention, the battle thread is super easy to find and is stickied in the showcase subforum, but I didn't know such a subforum existed at first. I'm guessing @Heyez would prefer it be stickied in the general subforum, or "home"?

  • @5pinlink Hey no probs, I'm just being daft .. all my MA is actually worth in practice is going around calling calling myself a bassmaster (and I could play bass guitar pretty well if my forearm wasn't fucked from all the jazz double bass gigs necessary to pay rent in Dublin!!).

    I don't make 'cliche' groove music under that definition (no negative implication of cliche there, just referring to the general expectation of that genre). It's ethnic/shamanic music which lends itself to repetitive trance inducing styles (which we play up in the live set).

    I'm actually actively trying to draw more and more from the specific well of inspiration you're referring to, so whenever that music is in question then I pay attention very closely.

    This is from last record we released, under Saydyy's name. The next 'UDAGAN' release will be a Beatmaker 3 record!
  • Sounds like a grand idea!! I'm game. ;)

  • @Oscarsouth, trust me, your stuff would well lend itself to all kinds of dance stuff, I would kill to get a bunch of stems and do some DnB or Dubstep or HipHop mixes of it, I grew up making Hip Hop and Dance but used to walk everywhere with a walkman on playing old JMJ and Deep forest and Enigma and Lalo Schifrin and Alan Tew soundtracks, Charley Farley and Piggy Malone, phantom raspberry blower anyone hahaha

    As for the competition rules, I don't really want to put in to many suggestions for fear of anybody thinking i'm trying to take over, however, if you do want to make this a community building thing, I will happily take over a bit of the Admin side of it, speak to a developer here and there, ask them to throw in a code for a copy of there app as a prize, that would build it up a bit.
    Thoughts on that ?

  • @ronji weird! I can't see the battle thread anywhere? I'm on Android. Vanished.. And also can't switch to the showcase subforum on the mobile forum. Without hunting down a thread from that forum first....

    What forum page is the battle post on? I checked 1,2,3,4,5 and gave up.. Maybe I'm just being blind :/

    But yeah, 'found' and 'seen' are kinda different ;) Be cool if people would see each current battle without having to go find them :)
  • @5pinlink prizes would be cool if you can wangle some ;)
  • You have to scroll to the bottom and click full site on Android @Heyez
    There is nothing can be done about that, that is how Vanilla works, it is the same over at Audiobus, to see the categories on Android you have to click full site.

  • @5pinlink is that the only way to see the battle post tho? Via the showcase forum? I can't see that post anywhere on the normal forum pages?

    What do you think about sticky to main forum page? Works really well on this forum which has a cool community.

    The battle rules post is stickied and when deadline hits it loses sticky and the voting thread is posted as sticky.
  • And here's a list of previous Op1 battles. Most of them pretty far removed from the kind of 'here are some samples, make a track' vibe that most of you guys seem to be used to ;)

    Those Op1 battles were first ones I ever got involved with so I guess they twisted my perception of what battles normally involve ;)
  • @5pinlink not sure if we're on the same page (no pun intended) ;)

    This link below is the post I'm talking about possibly being made more visible via sticky on the main forum home page -

    The post that has the rules and where people will post their tracks/links.

    This thread we're currently talking in doesn't need a sticky ;)
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    I like interesting rulesets and love the radio sampling idea, if I do get time then I'm definitely going to have a go. Maybe just looked complex on first impression!
  • the rules do sound like they'll be interesting, and I hope I have time to participate.

    I went through several pages of the forum "home", and while posts from the showcase category are obviously there, for some reason the one "announcement" post of the challenge doesn't show unless you go to the showcase category. similarly, the "consolidated requests list" thread which is also an "announcement" doesn't show unless you go to the feature requests category. same for the "consolidated bug list" thread in the bug reports category. only the "announcement" threads from general seem to show in the forum "home".

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    I can announce the topic forum wide, but i have avoided doing that with the bugs list or request list, and i have to think about it before doing it with any thread.

    I am walking a bit of a thin line here, as an example..
    Within the last week i have moved two threads from bug reports/feature requests, both because it was just user error.
    One i worked through the issue with the user and it was all cool, the other turned in to pitchfork shaking 5pin hunt, who do i think i am, what link to Intua, lies about other forums blah blah blah.

    So i am leaning towards making it sticky forum wide, but definitely want to take the time to make sure it is all clear on instructions and how i am going to keep it all logged and such.

    I am not taking my time to be a pain to you personally or anything, I hope that is clear.
  • @5pinlink all cool mate :)

    Its kind of annoying that I made the first battle post cos it might seem like I just want 'MY' post stickied on the main page for some weird ego reason or something :/ Hopefully it's not reading like that tho. I genuinely just think it'd be a good move for each battle post to take a spot there for community/getting more people involved/convenience :)
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