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    I didn't get any crashes that lost work but some pretty big vibe killer bugs/workflow issues that overall added up to a few hours of frustration....

    - samples not triggering properly when playback region is looped on sequencer timeline.
    - not being able to position transport 'start' in pattern edit view.
    - having to fix/remove note off/length quantisation.
    - one of my pads/samples suddenly had weird thing where slices were pitch. Like each slice started from the same wav start point and just ascended in pitch per slice left to right. Instead of acting as slices with different start points...
    - a few other things that would make me have to reboot BM3 (the zoom bug etc..) which was PITA cos sometimes when I started again Ström wouldn't work, so I had to close everything and start Ström again, and so on..

    Just didn't have time in the end to get through all the current quirks and finish something.. But tbh I didn't have much time in general so even without the issues I still probably would have struggled for this one..
  • Any chance you saved projects that would reopen with some of the issues ?

  • Not sure...Think the weird slices thing is still in one of the projects on one of the pads. Will check and send it over to intua if it's still there. Think all the other stuff is already BR'd?
  • Yeah its just projects files makes it easier for them to catch the bug and get rid.

  • For me, I was doing a lot of sample editing on pads, finding the right zero crossing, copying the samples to other pads, stuff like that. I'm still working on the project, saving more frequently, but if I can get it to happen again I'll take notes, archive the project file. I didn't think about doing that last night, probably too tired. Once I opened the app back up and saw what I lost, I just set the iPad down and went to sleep.

  • I just know that any crashes @mathieugarcia wants to nail them, so projects would be amazing, but as much detail as possible would be brilliant too.
    If there is no bug report for them we need to make them.

    Crashes are like poison while writing !!

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