BM3 Beat Battle 03 (Entries by Dec 10th)



  • Yes, of course - there's nothing wrong with using the copper kit for Battle 3

    (It's a great kit)
  • That’s exactly what I did used the copper kit and grabbed the perfect sample thanks guys where should I upload ?
  • Nvm dropbox or SoundCloud got it
  • Excellent! Can't wait to hear the first entry... and it's from a 'brand nu' contender ;)

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    Here's a little something to keep people entertained whilst they wait for more entries. It's likely to get disqualified on account of the use of prohibited breakbeats... but that's OK because I've got another entry brewing...

    tk32 presents 'The Progeny – Out of (storage) Space'

  • Awesome haha

  • @tk32 fucking brilliant. Well done!

  • @tk32 I LOVE THIS!!!!!!

    The arrangement flows perfectly - This is totally making my head nod - Fantastic work!

    :D :D

  • @tk32 chase the devil nice one my friend
  • I'm hoping the reason this thread has gone so quiet is because everyone is working hard on their entries, ready to submit them over the next 7 days.

    Am I right?

  • Im too busy with other stuff right now, so nothing from me.

  • I am afraid I don't have the skill to remix an existing song. I could'nt even extract an acapella from the song I chose (Je t' non plus from Serge Gainsbourg).
    I will be very interested in a tutorial on how you guys achieved this battle ;)

  • Just to be clear,

    I don't think @triton100 was suggesting you reconstruct the full vocals from the original. His description says you just cut it up into pieces and use it as a creative source for a new track.

    My next entry is based on a song with vocals, but only some of those vocals will appear in my version.. and probably in an unconventional mangled way.

    @Sygma just experiment and have some fun. What have you got to lose?
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  • I just accidentally removed Beatmaker & data, so I doubt I will make it. Oh well...
    Next time I’ll probably push the right button.

  • @tk32 awesome track man!

  • Only 3 (and a bit) days left....

    Why so quiet??

  • Hey guys :)
    I have been so busy with my youtube channel and getting new sample packs finished and available for the holidays.
    Nothing from me on this one, sorry.

  • Octatrack MK II

  • Slapped together just for the fun of it (no mixing, mastering, etc):

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  • 24 hours to go. What has happened to the other entries?

    Perhaps they are all exporting as I type.................

  • I prefer not to post in here until I have something definite, but just adding that this was a more challenging battle, and a very difficult month for me to find time to spend on it. I got started, but I haven't gotten much further than that. Blame work, home life, and holidays. I probably won't have a completed entry for this round. =(

  • trying to get my track on SoundCloud Barr with me if not tonight in the morning
  • Thanks for sharing @brandnu87 and a very enjoyable entry from you.

    Glad to welcome you to the forums and battles

    Sound quality: CHECK!, beat programming: CHECK! - now it just needs some vocals over the beat :)

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    @tk32 thank you this was a fun challenge I’m always wanting to push myself forward with learning this app I love this app beat made with the copper kit from dean.
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