BM3 Beat Battle 03 (Entries by Dec 10th)



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  • I was going to submit, but was impatient for the update, removed the app with data instead of just the app. Since I never make backups all is now lost. Serves me right I guess.

    Too bad, because I really want to support the idea!

  • I do think the various bugs with 3.0.5 may have affected some people's ability to get entries finished on time - it has certainly slowed me down quite a bit.

    That might explain why things have been much quieter compared to the previous 2 battles.

    Life, and offer work/family commitments also come in unpredictable chunks, and we all have those (in varying degrees).
  • Peaks n troughs, don’t worry about it.

  • @brandnu87 - this is SICK!! <3

    Really nice entry, man! :D

  • Are November and December particularly more difficult to get music done for others, as for myself? 3.0.6 coming late in November probably did affect submissions as well. Should we make this battle extend through December?

  • @DeanDaughters thank you that copper kit is essential for me now

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  • @brandnu87 said: that copper kit is essential for me now

    :o <3

    Sweet!! That is very nice to hear, man!

  • I have a tasty 'Iron Shirt' full-on D&B remix of the Prodigy's "Out of Space" brewing, but it won't be ready this evening

    I'm happy to work to an extended deadline if others agree?

    Another week perhaps?

    Then battle 4 can be Christmas themed
  • Still lose patience using BM3 for complete tracks and didn't think I'd go back and finish this but had a minute this morning so here's something to boost numbers ;)

    Current BM3 update's definitely beginning to smooth worklfow out. Still kinda painful coming from dektop/hardware but way more useable than the version that was kicking around during the last battle :)

    Sample is a kid singing 'Londons Burning' on YouTube (phone speaker > iPad mic).

    Rough mix.. but intentionally lo-fi.

    Thanks for checking it out.

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  • Thanks @triton100

    Wasn't thinking beatles at all when I did it! But listened again after reading your post and can kinda hear it too in places. Big beatles fan so I'll take that :)
  • @brandnu87 really enjoyed your reworking of california dreaming. it helps that I like the original but you took it in a creative and funky direction.

    @Heyez superb! The production sounds so pro on this. honestly, I would have never known the source material if you hadn't mentioned it, which is cool because it really does become your own composition as a result (rather than a remix). the beatles reference is interesting--I think the bass wiggles are definitely mccartney-esque. Can I ask how you created the bass part? Sounds great.

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    @lukesleepwalker thanks!

    Cool to get positive feedback on the bassline :) Was the last thing I did! Had rest of the track sat around for weeks and wasn't gonna submit but found some time this morning and the bass pulled it together..

    Bass is zeeon. I just jammed through the track recording improv via midi keys then cut the good pieces in to one long-ish pattern that cycles. Super impressed with zeeon! Easily stands it's ground against my favourite desktop softsynths.
  • @lukesleepwalker thanks man I didn't wanna butcher the song I had fun wit it .

  • So whats the deal ?
    Rename the thread with new date or start a vote thread ?

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    I was hoping @triton100 might have an opinion.

    My vote is to extend the deadline until this Friday, do the voting, then start a christmas battle early next week

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  • @lukesleepwalker May the funk be with you - I’ve missed you electrofunk - great entry :wink:
  • @Heyez - nice entry, man! :)

  • @Nick thanks mate! Cheers
  • Thanks @DeanDaughters

    Nice tracks from everyone :) Shame there's only a handful but guess it's just a busy time of year.
  • So whats the deal here @triton100 ?
    I think we need to call it and move to the Chrimbo contest ?

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  • Yeah just start a vote thread, put all the entries in the first post, up to you if you do a poll or count votes.

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