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    I'm able to live with the few frustrations I have for now, and still enjoy making music in BM3 more than anything else on iPad.

    I'm working on the assumption that approx half of the things I want improved will happen... But I'm willing to wait another 3 months without spitting a dummy.

    At the moment BM3 is the most fun and exciting DAW to use on iPad... But if that ever changes, I may choose to switch to Nanostudio 2, or back to Cubasis.

    For now... I'm happy to be along for the ride, and enjoying sharing music, tips, and resources with this decent bunch of users that spend their time loitering in these forums.

    I'd hate to see anyone leave - so please stick around @Heyez
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    What ?
    I never said you spat the dummy, it was pretty obvious who did that.
    You know what, im done replying to any of this entitled nonsense for a while, if Beatmaker doesnt work for you, complain all you like, you wont get any argument from me at all.

    But if you do what Heyez did and disrespect another users feature request because yours hasnt been implemented yet, then you are an entitled idiot (not posted at any particular poster FFS )

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    @mathieugarcia said:
    Not much room left in this screen but we could have a little representation of the whole 128 keys.
    @mathieugarcia said:
    I am actually fixing MIDI muting. This will be available in 3.0.6.

    Thanks Mathieu!

  • @5pinlink
    "But if you do what Heyez did and disrespect another users feature request because yours hasnt been implemented yet, then you are an entitled idiot (not posted at any particular poster FFS )"

    Manipulative overblown nonsense and totally unnecessary to call me an entitled idiot.. Is that not against forum guidelines? Aren't you a mod? This is what I was referring to before when I said this forum sucked...Thanks for confirming it. I never found mods on any other forum to behave like this. It reflects badly on Intua imo. Being a forum mod normally entails biting your tongue a little more often and choosing your words more carefully... It's a thankless job tbh, but you took it so there it is...

    Forgive the following tedium...

    I never disrespected another user's feature request at all. I said that some very basic missing functions are more integral to 'all users' every session workflow than some of the functions that have been looked at in updates hitherto. And that imho those missing basic functions should be addressed next before any more user requests are considered (my own included). Transport behavior options should have been fixed up before extending the mutes options. That's just my opinion. And I wasn't saying it in a 'This app sucks! Why did you fix mutes first!? So lame!' kind of way.. I was just saying it seemed odd in terms of prioritising.. That's not me being 'entitled'. Or are you the only one 'entitled' to an opinion? You just confuse the hell out of me tbh with the way you misconceive, misinterpret, twist things...

    The whole 'dummy spitting' was entirely down to me being frustrated with having been baited in to bickering with you in public again following the hypocrisy of you being so fast to get on my case for a 'non-BM3 related post'. My 'dummy spitting' had nothing to do with feature requests, other users or Intua....

    And FWIW... You wanna read some genuinely 'entitled' posts? Go read your own from a couple of months ago...hilarious. And that was almost straight away after release, before intua even had the chance to finetune with some updates following public feedback. And it didn't end there. Baffles me that you could ever feel like you could criticise anyone else regarding anything related to 'entitled' or 'dummy spitting' without feeling like a total hypocrite... I suggest possibly reading some kind of 'self-awareness' book or taking a course..

    If you wanna continue discussing then Pm. I'm staying in the shadows on here from now on where it's less embarrassing/frustrating..
  • @5pinlink and @Heyez you're two sides of the same coin. Cut the crap and I'm especially looking at you @5pinlink, as you are after all suppose to be the moderate one as a moderator for this forum. I see a lot of unnecessary baiting. Please be real, rise above and focus on BeatMaker.

  • @Heyez I'm not letting you off the hook either cause you're both guilty of baiting. Let's have peace and focus on bettering BeatMaker please.
  • Lol. Like I said...Amen
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    There are no winners in this pointless feud, remember.

    I see right and wrong on both sides.

    @5pinlink is a no-nonsense straight-talker who finds it difficult tolerating users who think they know best. He works hard to moderate these forums in a fair and objective way but like most of us, occasionally can be a slight hypocrite (which he often admits).

    @Heyez is a hot-head who tends to take comments a little too personally. He has very good ideas but 'occasionally' thinks he knows best. He needs more meditation and should avoid battling with moderators.

    Both are valued members of this BM3 community

  • Lol. Did this turn in to a battle votes thread all of a sudden? Thanks for the feedback ;)
  • @philowerx, noted.
    @mathieugarcia please remove me from the moderators list.

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    Could we get 3 mini keyboards? XD
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