BM3 Battle #05 – Retro Electro (Entries by 11 Feb)



  • @ronji I know nothing of this vocoder, but is it possible that the second entry uses the old VST style dual input over the stereo channels ?
    One audio channel is the carrier, one audio channel is the modulator ?

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    Hi guys ! Here is a 808 drumkit I made from the free pack blabla:

    I hope that sounds great enougth

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    Thanks, and a really generous idea @znomusic - but if the samples are from Beathawk (or an IAP) then we can't share them freely unless people have also purchased this content.

    You could make a kit from the freely available 808 samples I listed back on page 1 in this thread?

  • I force no one to take it :)

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    @5pinlink said:
    @ronji I know nothing of this vocoder, but is it possible that the second entry uses the old VST style dual input over the stereo channels ?
    One audio channel is the carrier, one audio channel is the modulator ?

    I don't think that's it, from what I'm reading. I still don't fully understand why, or what the use case would be, but when using the second listing (which in AUM is labeled as "music effect", vs just "effect" on the first - we really need this additional info in BM3), it always seems to receive midi from the bank/track it's loaded into, even if I'm feeding it midi from a separate bank. I couldn't manage to disable the "extra midi" no matter what I tried, which is why I chose the first option for the way I wanted to work. Also I'm not terribly interested in testing this out in other DAW apps =)

    Here's a thread on the AB forums that has some more info about how it works, as well as screenshots from AUM that help differentiate from the two separate instances:

    Here's a video kinda showing how the "music effect" listing works, but also perhaps an interesting use (note there's no midi routing involved in this setup, all is default, with voxsyn set up with the midi input set to omni):

  • Nope no ibterest in the AB thread, they rarely have any cogent sense in their threads, and when they do it normally gets burried by a bunch of idiots, i will stick to your info haha.

  • @5pinlink hahaha, I see, sorry. I guess I meant the info provided directly by VirSyn in that thread is what's useful =)
    "The pitch follower in VoxSyn not only triggers the notes of the built in synthesizer, the synthesizer carrier pitch follows the voice after note on. The built in synthesizer also gives another major advantage: the latency between your voice signal and the note start / pitch following process is significantly shorter ( and barely noticeable in VoxSyn ) than any solution with a separate synthesizer."

  • I’ll upload this small kit when I get chance ;)

  • Thanks man!

  • I just wanted to extend a warm invitation to any new BM3 users who may have joined the forums in the last few days as part of the 'free BM3' NAMM promotion and are thinking about entering these battles...

    Please do. They're great fun, and we'd love to welcome new entrants!

  • Like i already said, i doubt we will get an influx of new users any time soon, takes a good while for people to even look for a forum ahaha

  • We’ll probably get some, but yeah we definitely could use some youtubers telling people about the forum and battles. I been kicking around the idea of a regular live “let’s make music with BM3” show, just live music creation/work. But I don’t think I’m the one to do it.

  • Dont look at me, after some of the crappy comments the last 24 hours i would rather eat glass.

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    More work-in-progress. Here's a slow throwback beat that's waiting for a vocal...

    And another tack I'm working on called 'Robotrunk'

  • @tk32 hey - these are dope, and the intro of "Robotrunk" is magic imho - Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks Dean.

    Btw, hope the house moving is going well - and it's nice to see you back on the forums :)

  • Bump.

    How are everyone's tracks coming along?

  • I’m still feeling pretty good about mine, but I still want to add some things. I’ll definitely be done before the deadline =)

  • here we go

  • Amazing work Ronji.

    I'm seriously impressed

  • @tk32 thanks man!! I was debating spending more time working on it, but then I decided to just finish it and submit. I might do a run through of the different elements in the track when I get a chance. =)

  • Here's mine. Enjoy!

  • @dafingaz hell yes man. Dope track =) I also used Kauldron in my track!

  • @ronji Kauldron is dope! I find myself downloading more and more synths daily. LOL. Running out of space on my iPad. Thanks for listening!

  • Nice work!
    And here is my entry B)

  • Yes! Now we really have a freestyle battle building up!

    I'm loving all these entries, and hope there will be plenty more over this (final) week

    Thanks to everyone who has submitted so far.

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    5 days to go.

    It's not too late to pick up the 808 Science sound pack (£2.99 IAP) and jam some throwback electro beats in time for the battle deadline on Sunday 11 February.

    Here's a few words from Steve Standard (Strafe) to get you in the mood...

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