Space X Contest: Did you win?

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Update: We picked our favorites.
Thank you all for participating. We just updated the site with the winners:

Congrats everybody!

Calling all Space X owners: Join our first BeatMaker competition and put your skills to the test!
Lots of cool prices to win. For more details check the contest page:

Let's get ready to rumble!



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    Hi Mike,

    This sounds fun, but you might want to make it clear all users would have to buy the Space-X sound pack first for $9.99/£9.99

    Have you considered making it free for a limited time?

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    I'm sure the sound pack is great indeed.. I'm just not so excited about competitions that aren't free to enter

    Maybe it's just me.

  • Bought the pack. If you win it’s worth it. Really no drums in it. Have to do a lot of sound designing it from what it gives.

    Does it say we can use the sampler? Is there clarification on that?

  • Thanks! That makes more since now.

  • There are drum kits in the pack, but most are heavily effected, so you might have to do some sound design on them to get the feel you’re going for. Be sure to look at all the fx and macros on each kit. Note that the rules indicate that you can only use the sounds in the space X pack, no outside samples and no other sound packs, no external instrument apps, but you can use third party fx.

    I’m a little surprised the first official beat contest requires a purchased pack, but it doesn’t bother me too much. It’s also got a much shorter window for submission. We’ll see how it turns out! Hopefully it’ll help expand the reach of BM3 and even get some more users into these free battles we hold in the forum amongst ourselves =)

  • I turned off a lot of the effects. the tails on the drum samples drive me crazy. It’s like they recorded the effects then added effects on to it. I was able to get a good kick and hi hat sound but snare is hard to get sounding right. I’m not really a ambient guy so this a challenge out my comfort zone.

  • This is great. Darn I should have accepted my pack winning from Xmas beat battle. Oh well. I'm cool with buying.

  • They will still honour that i suspect dude ;)

  • We'll have another contest with the (free) bundled content too!

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  • hey, not in this contest. it's space x sounds only. peace

  • Can I use my beat tags in this?

    Also what are you expecting from our social media accounts? A screenshot uploaded or a video of the song? And do we send the whole file to the email account right?

  • Is it possible to apply for a sponsorship? I release all of my music under the creative commons, run an ART+TECH non-profit, organized a LANDR group buy for weeklybeats, and run a digital distribution club called mp3death :)

  • Interesting sound set, Space X.
    I hear lots of potential.

  • Interesting sound set, Space X.
    I hear lots of potential.

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  • We picked the winners. All infos in first post.

  • Congrats @d4d0ug, @dafingaz, and NOmad! I dunno if I’ve seen NOmad on the forums. =) Also congrats to everyone else who made the top 10! @Optimus you made 4th! Gonna listen to these when I have time later =D

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    congratulations @d4d0ug :)

    Curious, who were the judges? ;)

  • @Optimus said:
    congratulations d4d0ug :)

    Curious, who were the judges? ;)


    intua contest website said:

    The entries will be judged by 5 members of our INTUA team.
    Each of the 5 judges will cast a vote for 3 of their favorite entries.
    One grand prize winner and the two runner-ups will be chosen.

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    Thanks, I had already read that, but that did not answer the question.

    @Mike and mr. @mathieugarcia ...but who were the other three.

    Btw, congratulations to @dafingaz as well, great track.

  • i made the top ten playlist that’s pretty cool. This challenge def is not my style. Way out of my league on this. Ambient space sounds was a challenge personally cause it seems like I’m just throwing sounds together to make a sound lol. Got out of my comfort zone.congrats to the winners

  • @Optimus haha sorry, didn’t mean to sound rude. I honestly didn’t know there were 5 people (or more) at intua! Obviously @mathieugarcia spends a lot of time with us on this forum, and I’ve seen @Mike with this thread, and @vincent, but who else? =D

  • Congrats @d4d0ug

    Your entry was my favourite too, FWIW :)

  • @ronji @Optimus Thanks! This is great news for a Friday! LOL...

  • @d4d0ug Great track! Congrats @Nomad2323 (is that you? LOL) and to all of the top 10!

  • Thanks @d4d0ug! I missed the Jungle one, but hope to catch a future one!....

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    I would not be mad if anyone else decided to make a late submission to the jungle battle ;)

    Edit: not up for vote, of course, but for fun. =)

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  • @triton100 are those vocal samples at 0:52? Was everything in your tune 100% space X pack sounds? Your entry sounds great =)

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