Can you help me with this ?

I’m posting about something I already mentioned (too many times, sorry, it’s become a fixation 🤪), but this time I’m not reporting a bug but just asking for help, if you have any idea about how could I overcome my problem. If you don’t mind watching the short video I made which shows what I’m facing.
a brief description of what you’re looking at in this video : in order to fix this problem (posted here :, I did this :
⁃ unload Troublemaker from its bank and then save this bank with its patterns.
⁃ create a new tack, load my empty bank containing only previous recorded patterns, and then load Troublemaker in it.
⁃ record automations for a few parameters of Troublemaker to watch the result on the automation window (the graphic representation)
⁃ the result being ok, I save my session, close BM3.
⁃ When I reopen my session, the graphics of all recorded parameters has become these thin lines stuck at the top of the automation window (plus other weird things like the track changed its place and color...)
⁃ conclusion : this is not the solution, and I’m starting to think there isn’t one.

Thank you for any ideas or recommendations you might have to keep the correct graphic result, so it doesn’t turn into this thin line I’m struggling with.


  • The solution is to email Intua and tell them that automation is terrible in Beatmaker, not only are there visibility bugs like this, but automation will go missing too, all this is besides the fact that automation usability is terrifyingly poor in Beatmaker too.
    This combined with the "Arrows will be fixed" but never actually were issues of the piano roll is what stops me using Beatmaker for anything more serious than a quick sketch.

    I would really love to see all confirmed bugs fixed before new features are added, but that is sadly not viable for any business needing new customers in Apples "I'd buy that for a dollar" eco system.

  • @5pinlink I’ll email Intua and try to point out these critical issues. They should consider as a priority to fix these most important issues, because they bring too much frustration and, like you say, this might discourage people from using BM3. I don’t want to turn away from BM3. When I look at the UI, I’m thinking : it’s all here, there’s all I need to have a plaisant experience. But when it comes to practice, some major bugs or limitations are discouraging.

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