FAC Transient (the first iOS AUv3 transient designer)

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Drum roll please......

The first proper transient shaper AUv3 is about to release... and its by Fred Anton Corvest (FAC):

@5pinlink will be happy ;)



  • Nice 😁

  • You just couldn’t wait till it was released and had its own thread in compatibility could you lol.

  • Sorry - I got too excited ;)

    Happy to retire this thread once it's released for tidiness

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    It shocks me that in 2018 a very respected IOS ‘Personality’ would not know the difference between a transient and a peak, or do people just say “ yeah this thing makes magic mushrooms grow out your ass” just to geta free version, and they actually know they are lying ?

  • @tk32 said:

    @5pinlink will be happy ;)

    ...or not. Lol

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    Oh i cant wait to try it, will be a release day purchase for sure, but it does amaze me in the world of IOS that the people getting to beta this stuff have generally no idea at all about any of it, and their main qaulification is number of views on YouTube, I mean seriously “It can fix distorted peaks” hahahahahaha. (Put the damn thing in TK32s hands etc)
    Aside the fact that its a Transient Processor which is kind of the opposite of peaks, you cant fix distorted peaks at all, just turn the damn volume down hahahahahaha.

    But yeah, i am even qoing to say right now, if this is a proper transien designer, i am going to even buy Maxima as a big thumbs up to the dude, one level down from Bram and rising !!!!!!

  • I knew he'd be happy ;)

  • Just imagine when BM3 has render in place/freeze/resample, whatever your particular name is for it.
    Take a crappy old drum kit from crappy drum machine Rxknackernuts 1987, toughen up each hit, resample back in place, niiiiiiiice !!

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  • excited to see this release =) btw, this is the first time I've noticed an app like this be available in the app store as a pre-order. I saw some games and whatnot do this, but I thought it was reserved for higher profile productions.


  • I think any developer can do it, most just think its a waste of time, i can see the value a month or two out from release, just to bolster confidence, but two days, not so much.

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    Give us the preorder even just a fortnight earlier (perhaps with a 10% discount or bonus presets) and I would happily ~kickstart~ I mean preorder this new bad boy from my main man Fred Anton.

    Feels weird doing the preorder thing so close to launch. As much as this is gonna be an insta-buy for me, why would I choose to preorder now?

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    I think its a RetardBus, sorry AudioBus forum thing, they like their super hero developers they can talk complete and total crap about ;)
    A preorder is an extra way to deify some geezer hahaha.

  • @GusGranite said:
    @5pinlink stirrer... :wink:

    Not really, i could make a list of the absolute crap typed over there just today, unfortunately i am just putting the finishing touches on Techno 02 kits for resources :)

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    I know I will probably buy more Plugins after watching this. Even with samples, this has been needed so badly. The preorder for me is out of question. Nothing notifies me of a reason to do so.

  • No longer preorder.

  • Great. The app store was suggesting 12 March when I checked yesterday.

    Perhaps it's 5pin's birthday and FAC brought it forward especially? ;)

  • Nah, at some point even the developers get fed up with "OMG OMG OMG, Let me have your babies" at ahem certain places, once they release they only have to deal with usage questions hahaha.

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    Here's the appstore link:

    It's $9.99/£9.99

    Gotta love Apple's USD>GBP exchange rate, ffs! :'(
    It seems being an iOS musician is even cheaper everywhere else in the f***ing world except the UK

    "Hey Fred, any chance I can get a dynamics bundle with Maxima and Transient for £14.99?"

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    Its completely illegal too, you cant legally charge more for a service based on location, after taking out taxes and duties, and £2.70 is a little bit more than taxes and duties lol.
    Apple is illegally making about 70p on each £10 sale.
    With the reports today of the App store being the biggest growth industry on the planet, you have to wonder if there has ever been a worse case of greed in history ?

    Here ya go Apple, set up a lab that does nothing but look for cures for diseases and free energy, all completely public domain, at the end of the year fund it by the shortfall in exchange rates.

    Robbing cuppertino asshats.

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    No i added 30% just to be safe, it still leaves 70p gone missing on each £10, there are no import duties below £50.
    (I believe Apples official line is "Post Brexit economic fluctuations) the lowest the exchange rate has been it would still be 60p, the highest (only one day) over £1.

    Reality is it is more than 70p, but i was being kinder than those robbing gits at Apple.
    Wouldn't surprise me if the developer got paid on the dollar sale rate lol.

    Back on topic, has anybody actually tried this plugin yet ?
    I am going to be kind because it is the first transient designer on IOS, it works, but this ideal of "We didnt just go with Attack and Decay like other transient designers" is conplete nonsense, it does nothing at all better than any other transient designer, but it takes a while longer to dial in what you want because it has extra shiny dials.

    Im putting it in the win column, but its definitely not even in my top ten transient designers (Yes i own most of them lol)
    Its the best one on IOS though !!!!!

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    The UK appstore price hike, which started in Jan 2017, is definitely caused by the B-word, not VAT

  • ($9.99USD to CAD is $12.90 but the app store wants $13.99 CAD.)

    @5pinlink what would be a nice affordable transient designer VST?

  • Pfft. In Norway, USD 9.99 currently translates to NOK 78, but our AppStore says NOK 109, which is an added cost of 40 %! It’s been like that for years.

    The AppStore sets fixed currency conversions which they use for extended periods. They may also charge extra based on consumer purchasing power in each country.

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    I think I would consider FAC Transient a nice affordable transient designer on iOS, as compared to what I saw in a music radar article, had a few free VSTs, and then a bunch that range from $50 to $200. But I can’t recommend anything as I don’t know anything about transient designers so far!

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