(VOTING CLOSED - Ronji wins) BM3 Battle #07: 'Bank Bank'

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In @starpause's absence... Here are the entries

  1. @scottsunn

  2. @ronji

  3. @tk32

  4. @El_Sed

  5. @d4d0ug


  1. @dafingaz


  • Loved all of these entries. =) Great round, even if we still didn't get as many entries as we hoped! And shout out to @dafingaz for submitting late. Late is better than never!

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    omg sorry team, the start of this week murdered me. props to @tk32 for carrying the torch

    @scottsunn enjoyed the stream of conciousness ride... at like 2:30 or so it totally jazzes out! fun =)

    @ronji Brayktharuu 😂i honestly didn't know what that said until i listened to the track. guddin! and the end twist

    @tk32 whaaaa-ooooh got my vote! KAWAIIIIII~ hook up a download link

    @El_Sed tuff stuff 💪

    @d4d0ug immaculate sound design! so deliberate. and the video tripped my eyes out... the background changes right? or my poor eyes did

    @dafingaz literal lolz when that flute busted out, fun playful vibes! and 1:05 really nails a groove. and such emotional feelings in the end segment 😆

  • @starpause on a similar note, I pronounced one of your banks "neck beast" before actually listening to the samples ;) - and I'm sticking with that! hahaha

    Man all of these tracks are so good. I've listened to them all several times today. =D

  • Thanks for the compliments @starpause

    I'm redoing my EQ and master slightly, then happy to hook you up with a high-res download link

  • Thank you @starpause for the compliment! And thank you @tk32 and @5pinlink for your efforts to support the community here.
    @ronji Man once again stuck on your beat variations! Great job. Got my vote again this time ;-) Was tough between you an @tk32.

    Best regards

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    @ronji gets my vote. I still have no idea how he generated some of those awesome pads and bass parts out of the same banks I was using!

    p.s. If you can sit through my track without bobbing your head (or whistling the melody for the rest of the day) then you must be dead ;)

  • Thanks y’all! Gosh. :blush: I’m gonna do a walkthrough video for my track to share my secrets!

    P.s. I sincerely take that as a compliment, not actual concern about the legitimacy of my submission ;)

  • Yeah - it was definitely a compliment. I don't doubt your legitimacy for a second.

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    (...lifts the veil...) ;)

    @d4d0ug got my vote. The precision of this piece just gets me :D I can't stop loving on this track. It's so tight and precise feeling - it grooves me so deeply. I really, really like this work. <3

    I have to mention though, that it literally physically hurts not to vote for @tk32 's entry because OMG it is so happy and delicious and perfectly executed.

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    Thanks Dean.

    Your kind words more than make up for the pains of yet another near-miss vote :)

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    Hard to choose but tk32’s is clean and crisp! Love it.

  • Can you start gathering as many previous entries and permission as you can @tk32 ?
    If we create a private dropbox to upload them to, i will start doing regular mixtapes using the entries.

  • @5pinlink has generously offered to do battle mixtapes if everyone is happy to provide high-res original audio files.

    Hopefully nobody will object to doing this, in which case I'll post a private Dropbox link later this evening.

    For those who entered the previous battles, we'd also like to harvest those tracks in higher quality too, if possible, for use in mixes or a compilation.

  • @tk32 Definitely in. I'll upload all of my battle submissions in wav when the link is ready.

  • Damn @ronji I'm starting to catch you up (vote wise)

    Makes me wonder if I should have placed my vote more strategically

  • @tk32 Hahahaha! I had a similar thought cuz I voted for @scottsunn (I was the first voter this round) and you were a very very close second for me =) @d4d0ug Was my very close third.

  • Dafingaz for me because it sounded like cartoon theme tunes from when i was a kid.
    1 Yes i was a kid once.
    2 Yes TV had been invented.

  • Im tempted to close the voting right now, just so we can have one with two scores of 909 lol.

  • My comiserations to @El_Sed

    Trust me buddy, I know exactly what it feels like to get 0 votes :(. If there were more than 11 voters i'm sure your entry would also be getting some love too.

  • I object to my previous submission being used in a mixtape because it’s shite. C’mon it was my first ever track! Love the idea for the rest. :wink:

  • I like a lot of the tracks, gave my vote to @d4d0ug! Mixtapes sound like fun, would be honoured :blush:

  • I think I just sealed it for Ronji there, nice work guys!!

  • @tk32 said:
    My comiserations to @El_Sed

    Trust me buddy, I know exactly what it feels like to get 0 votes :(. If there were more than 11 voters i'm sure your entry would also be getting some love too.

    No problem. Who goes to a battle knows that he can win or lose or everything in between 😜. No problem with that. Have to sharpen my blades more next time 😎

  • Last chance to vote everybody... i'm gonna close this poll in 2 hours

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    @ronji looks like you've got this one in the bag. Nice entry. A very worthy winner.

    Fancy picking out the rules for battle 8 from our new thread of ideas? Or feel free to go with your own idea?

  • Thanks, @tk32! I was really surprised I won, what with the excellent competition. I have been thinking this week about what I would suggest for the next battle, and I'll make a firm decision later today. If anyone feels really strongly about what they think we should do, shout it out! Definitely not keen on doing another genre-specific bout yet. =)

  • Cheers @ronji

    Looking forward to starting the next battle once you've picked your remix/rules/restrictions :)

  • Mixtape would be so fun and hype

    Next compo... A few thousand BBC samples and "nothing else"?! 😂


  • Thanks again for the inspiration and hosting of this battle @starpause

    I was pleasantly surprised how many contributed cool banks, and it has been my most enjoyable battle so far.

    P.s. I'm looking forward to having you back as a participant (competitor) for the next battle ;)

  • Sorry missed the entry and the vote... Crazy times lately. All great tracks again :) Congrats @ronji <my late vote too ;)

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