Seems the new AU of Step Poly Arp is incompatible with BM3

Any word on a fix for this?


  • I guess in the next update/release?

  • Yea sure, mainly wondering if Mathieu is aware of it. SPA might be an intro price so I can't say I'm not curious if the next update is coming out soon so I can decide whether to get it or not.

  • $15 for a midi plugin!

    I doubt that's an intro price ;)

  • FWIW another user recently advised that this AU does show up in the list in the current BM3 beta, so there’s a good chance it’ll stay that way when 3.1 drops. Of course I’m not in the beta team and I’m not a part of Intua so this is no guarantee.

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    I'm in the same ⛵ as you. For what it's worth, I'd nominate you for the beta team bro (if my opinion actually counted)

  • @tk32 Thanks! And I'd be up for it, too, but I'd fear for my already limited free time! You'd also be great for the beta team =)

  • Anyone get this working in BM3 yet? Really would like to get some stuff cookin with this one in BM3!

  • It works in the 3.1 beta (we are fairly sure), so you shouldn't have to wait forever to get jamming with this.

  • Love SPA. Will be amazing to have it in BM3 after next update.

  • I dont own this (everybody knows my limited selection on IOS)
    Just wondering if Synthmaster One is going to be near enough the same with MIDI output support ?

  • Ok thanks guys. Hoping next release happens soon so I can get SPA rolling in BM3.

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