Bluetooth headphones stopped working after using external interface.

Hey everyone,
I hooked up my Tascam iXR interface to record some handpan samples. Once I set it up, I could only get audio through the iXR or iPad headphone jack, no Bluetooth audio. That was fine at the time, but now I can’t get any Bluetooth audio from BeatMaker at all, only through the headphone jack. Anyone know of a setting to fix this issue so I can get back to my fav BT headphones? lol
Thanks in advance!


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    I found a trick to get BM3 to push the audio back through the BT headphones... Settings, Audio & MIDI Devices Tab, under Audio, I just tapped the High Quality option off then back on, now I get BT audio back. I still can’t get it to work with the interface plugged in.
    There should be some option in BM3 to choose your audio out source/destination. Either via the external interface (apparently the default), iPad/headphone jack, and Bluetooth audio. For example, Spotify has this available option.
    If anyone still knows a trick to do this, please let me know. If not, Intua needs to add this option for us BT headphone/speaker users :)

  • Personally I can't stand the latency of BT-Headphones when used with an iPad.
    Every pair I've tried so far lags too much for real-time usage but for playback they are kinda ok...

    Usually the audio-interface takes over when plugged in, and when plugging in the head-phones the output is automatically routed to the head-phones, and when disconnecting the head-phones it goes back to the interface.

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    Bluetooth is fine for listening to music (Spotify, iTunes etc)

    Completely sucks for composing, DJ'ing, mixing and mastering - due to latency and compression/encoding and extra CPU overhead.

  • Thanks for the comments guys. I totally agree usually, but I have these super low latency BT’s that sound amazing and have just as much/little latency as my wired Sennheiser’s. I’m impressed... so I got a low latency BT transmitter to solve the issue, gets here Tuesday :) I just hate wires with my flow. Hopefully the 2 together don’t lag, lol. I’ll update when I get it.

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    If your Wired headphones have as much latency as BT headphones, you have a serious problem with your iPad and should probably contact Apple for a GB appointment ;)

  • Is bluetooth lag an issue for watching videos then as well?

  • Bluetooth lag is just a fact of Bluetooth, so whatever you use it for, but latency while playing pads etc vs watching a film is vastly more noticable.

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    We discussed the various 'issues' with using Bluetooth for production in more detail when it came up several months back.

    See here:
    and here:

    @Audiogus :
    When watching videos over Bluetooth the device actually offsets the picture to compensate for Bluetooth audio latency. They do this by 'guessing' how much the sound is likely to be out and delaying the video between 100-200ms. It's never perfect, because Bluetooth latency varies across devices, but often good enough to fool most people. Note - I've heard this isn't possible for live broadcasts, however, so those will still have noticeable delays between picture and sound over Bluetooth (~200ms)

    Let's just hope Apple never remove the headphone jack from iPads, as they did on iPhones!

  • Idid not know that IOS did that, is that built in to video players or something ? (Sorry never watched a vid on IOS)
    Neither Android or Windows does that in the players i use.

    Would be so easy for them to set up a ping too really.

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    Here's a simple test. Connect Bluetooth headphones to your iPhone/iPad and check the delay (or lag) on the sound of the keyboard clicks when typing text.

    ...and one last thing: until every Bluetooth device adopts the AptX standard (ie not for a while yet) the audio quality over Bluetooth falls well below CD quality - roughly equivalent to 192kbps AAC. Although Apple are obviously unlikely to tell you this.

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