Tutorial Video: Good Housekeeping 1 (Sessions)

Quick tutorial on a cool technique for good housekeeping of sessions, it saves on sample duplication, is extremely well organised and forms good habits ;)


  • Ok. So when I always save I press copy samples. Always done that since I started making beats no matter the platform. Prob why I have numbers next to a couple of my fave sounds in bm3 caused there used in a lot of projects. When you do this, does it do that to? And secondly how do you move all your projects over to create something like you explained without loosing info?

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    Hmmm i think i need to redo the video, obviously went too quick.

    Sessions will be saved when pressing 'save' to whatever location they are loaded from, in this case my folder structure.
    Sessions will always be saved to sessions folder when pressing 'save as' , im abusing this to save to sessions folder with copy samples and zip archive, without saving to the session in my folder structure lol.

    No, this uses the samples original location, so you dont get duplicates and waste space, but you can hit 'save as' (see comment to @MSandoval ) and copy samples, this creates an entirely seperate project with all samples, which you then zip up and archive/backup, so you always have the samples saved with the session on your archive, but not on your local storage on the iPad, wasting space ;)
    As for your second question, as long as you have done good housekeeping of your samples (probably video 2 in the series) then it takes a bit of work, but nothing horrible, you just move your sessions to your new session folder structure (songs etc in the video) then go back to where the sessions were and zip up the sample folders that 'copy samples' created when you saved the sessions, delete all of the samples (dont worry, you zipped them just in case), load the sessions from the new location, they will search for samples and find them in the original locations, check the session, hit save not save as.

    Seems long winded but in reality a ton of sessions wouldn't take more than a few minutes to fix in to a good folder structure (depending how big your sample collection is, ie how long the auto searchs take)
    If any samples are missing and cant be found, you take that missing sample from the relevant zip and put it in you well house kept sample folder structure (again video 2 will probably cover this) then reload the session and search again, and it will find it.
    Lots of space saved, iPad storage not looking so small anymore, simple good housekeeping :)

    At some point we will get these options in B3, this isn't hope or guesswork, it is common sense because of the fact it is going multi platform.

    1 when you press save and it is the very first save, it will open save as (Happens now already in fact)
    2 save as will have an option to choose the folder location.
    3 Archive, a version of save as but it zips directly.

    Number 2 above will allow us to do all of this without the need for creating template.zip, but this housekeeping will be the norm in later versions of B3, im just giving you a way to do it easily now :)

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    @5pinlink this video is incredibly useful, and will completely change the way I create and archive projects from this day forward. I love the idea of the sessions folder now becoming the temporary home of archives until they are pushed out to the cloud/desktop/etc.

    One question - what's your preferred way to manage samples that have been tweaked or deliberately edited after loading them into a session

    The reason I ask is becuase even these clean and tidy 'songs' folders will still collect their own collections of samples if you do any trims and other edits to imported WAVs. I guess the best suggestion here would be to save out the final edited sample to a new folder called 'Samples (edited)', reload it back onto the pad/track and then flush all the intermediate WAVs (_01.wav, _02.wav, etc.) from inside the songs folder?

    P.s. great to have your voiceover back after so many useful-but-silent videos over the last few months. Where can I sign up to be one of your Patreons? ;)

  • @tk32 the good housekeeping sample video will cover it, but basically that whole video is "Save it yourself" any sample you are going to reuse will go in your permo structure, any sample that is cold and just for that project (i would suggest these are extremely rare cases) save it with a name in the project folder, youonly have to rememver those save names, everything else can be deleted.

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    Thanks. I guess the problem becomes a lot simpler if you just get into the habit of (for each sample) asking yourself the following...

    • Might I use this in another session? If so, save it out to your permanent samples folder

    • Is this sample totally unique to this session? If so, keep it in the session folder (with a sensible name)

    (edit - just realised I've basically retyped exactly what you already wrote above - just in a different format!)

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